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AHRC call for applications to attend a ‘Developing participation in social design: Prototyping projects, programmes and policies’ workshop on Prototyping Design-Oriented Cross-Disciplinary Research

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AHRC are inviting applications to attend a two-day ‘sprint’ workshop which will bring together practitioners and researchers from the arts and humanities and other domains, who share an interest in using academic research to address collective and public challenges.

The workshop will be held at Lancaster University on April 16-17. It forms part of Developing participation in social design: Prototyping projects, programmes and policies (see the project website (opens in a new window)), a project commissioned by the AHRC which aims to prototype new kinds of research collaboration oriented towards achieving societal change and collective outcomes. We anticipate research themes in several areas, examples of which are listed in the EoI call document (link below). Selected research consortia, who form and iterate their ideas through the sprint workshop, will have the opportunity to apply through a targeted call for Project Development Awards of up to £15,000 (fEC).

They are seeking applications to participate in the workshop from:

  • Researchers within the arts and humanities especially but not exclusively within design.
  • Researchers within other domains who are involved in working on the themes identified above who want to explore how to work with other researchers and practitioners resulting in their research having impact on collective or public issues.
  • Practitioners working on the design of public- or collectively-oriented services and assets, for example in local or central government, the third sector, or commercial or community organisations supporting, enabling or delivering public services or addressing collective issues.

Similar to other cross-disciplinary workshops such as sandpits or Research Development Workshops, this event will be designed and facilitated to:

  • Enable meaningful and creative collaboration across domains and disciplines
  • Build on existing research
  • Generate proposals for new cross-disciplinary research projects that have the potential to have significant future impact
  • Build new consortia across disciplines and domains.

The workshop will be highly participative, interactive and open to innovative ideas from participants about future research opportunities, priorities and methodologies.

Deadline for Expressions of Interest is 27th Feb 2015.  Full info and instructions are here:

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