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Medical Research Council Funding Calls Deadline Dates


Molecular & Cellular Medicine Board

Opening date                                                    Closing date
29th July 2015                                                      9th September 2015
20th November 2015                                           6th January 2016
23rd March 2016                                                  4th May 2016


Infections and Immunity Board

Opening date                                                    Closing date
29th July 2015                                                      23rd September 2015
20th November 2015                                           13th January 2016
23rd March 2016                                                  18th May 2016


Population & Systems Medicine Board

Opening date                                                    Closing date
29th July 2015                                                      30th September 2015
20th November 2015                                           20th January 2016
23rd March 2016                                                  25th May 2016

Neurosciences & Mental Health Board

Opening date                                                    Closing date
29th July 2015                                                      6th October 2015
20th November 2015                                           3rd  February 2016
23rd March 2016                                                  1st  June 2016

Remember the RKE office are here to help you develop your bids! If you are interested in applying, please contact your RDM. Or email


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Evaluation of Lottery Funded Public Sports Programme

Sport Wales wishes to commission an evaluation of the Calls for Action programme. Calls for Action (C4A) is a lottery investment of £1million per annum over three years.

  • C4A is about generating positive action to address known areas of inequality
  • C4A is about changing lives through sport
  • C4A is about being bold and encouraging new approaches
  • C4A is about increasing the amount of regular and frequent activity taking place throughout Wales.

The full tender document invites bidders to submit proposals to undertake a short process evaluation and longer term impact evaluation of Calls for Action.

The deadline for bids is 15 June.

For more details, please contact Mike Daw (

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THURS 28th MAY 12.30-2.15pm Postgrad Suite Business School
All staff and students are welcome to attend this celebration of MMU’s paricipation in the 3 Minute Thesis Competition. The 3 minute thesis is a national competititon in which students are challenged to present their research using 1 slide only in 3 minutes. This event is the culmination of a series of Faculty-based heats and the winner will go onto represent MMU at the national finals. There will be a free buffet lunch and information on the 8th Annual PGR conference, The Innovation Forum and the Brilliant Club.

We would love to see as many of you as possible, please email if you are attending (so we can order enough food!)

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Health Impacts of Improved Resource Efficiency at Healthcare Sites

Zero Waste Scotland wishes to understand the impacts, both positive and negative, that increasing resource efficiency can have on the health and well-being of those individuals who use healthcare facilities on a regular basis. Specifically, to identify where changes to building services (e.g. heating, lighting, ventilation, etc.), waste or water management within a facility have resulted in improvements (or otherwise) to the health and well-being of staff, patients and visitors.The purpose of this tender is to undertake a literature review of the impacts of improved resource efficiency in healthcare facilities on the health and well-being of staff, patients and visitors, to better understand the following:

  1. Instances where health impacts have resulted either directly or indirectly from resource efficiency interventions at healthcare facilities;
  2. The economic value and cost effectiveness of these interventions;
  3. Barriers and impediments to implementation and/or replication at other sites; and
  4. Knowledge gaps that require further research and investigation.

The review should provide a comprehensive summary of the background to current knowledge and understanding of the health impacts and implications of resource efficiency, and should explore evidence of the effectiveness of interventions and any related behavioural change elements.

The activity should be completed within ten weeks.

Funding available is £12,000 (incl. any VAT) and the deadline for proposals is 15 June.

For more information, please contact Mike Daw (

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Qualitative Research Opportunities for Arts Organisation

LeftCoast is funded by Arts Council England to deliver arts activity designed to increase local engagement with the arts. LeftCoast is one of a number of partnerships funded by the Arts Council as part of its Creative People and Places Programme to:

  • Engage more people with arts and culture.
  • Develop the arts and cultural sector in Blackpool and the Wyre
  • Create, generate, import and export great art.
  • Change internal and external perceptions of Blackpool and Wyre

LeftCoast is requesting quotations for two separate pieces of research:

  1. Tracking and investigating audience member or participant ‘journeys’ across a number of events. The research would involve engaging and working with a small number of audience members on a long term basis (up to 1 year) to understand what happens to the audience after they attend an event (value £16,000).
  2. Qualitative research into routes to employment for creative apprentices and volunteers (value £10,000).

The deadline for proposals is 17 June.

Please contact Michael Daw ( for more details.

British Science Association

MMU hosts the British Science Association Science Communication Conference on June 18-19. The programme is very exciting, and several of our staff are involved in delivering sessions. If you want to register, as a member of MMU staff, you can register at a discounted rate (the early bird rate). Please contact if you have any questions.

The Science Communication Conference is a rare oppurtunity to meet with the different communities within science communication! This year the focus will be on collaborating to come up with solutions and actions to address the big challenges facing the sector.

There are many different events, including a keynote from Jess Thom and a panel debate on whether scientists should be opinion-formers.

There will also be their new challenge sessions – investigate five common problems in the world of science communication and generate strategies to overcome these key issues.

If this interests you please click here to find out more information!




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Improving Communication of Research for DFID


The Department for International Development (DFID) is to launch a funding call related to Improving Communication of Research Evidence for development (ICRED).

Having the ability to make evidence-informed policy and practice decisions is vital to support efforts to eradicate extreme poverty. DFID has designed this programme to increase the impact of investments in development research, by supporting improved capacity of researchers and intermediaries in DFID priority countries to access, appraise and communicate evidence and rigorous research. Results of this programme are expected to include enhanced capacity of researchers (e.g. academics) and intermediaries (e.g. the media; civil society organisations) in DFID priority countries to routinely gather, appraise and communicate research evidence to inform the public, and increase the use of rigorous evidence for more effective development policy and practice.

DFID will be seeking proposals for a range of projects that aim to build capacity of researchers and intermediaries to access, appraise and communicate evidence and rigorous research to inform development policy and practice.

The programme will be worth £12m and is expected to become operational during 2015/16, with a further £500,000 for an evaluation stream which will be commissioned following project selection.

This programme will help inform DFID and other development research funders on what types of research uptake capacity building approaches are most cost effective and have the greatest impact. It is anticipated that project contracts will run for 5 years.