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News: Changes to NIHR RFPB Scheme

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Research For Patient Benefit (RfPB) programme
From competition 28 the RfPB programme will be changing. The competition opens for applications on 26th August 2015, and will operate under the new two stage process with the shortened first stage application. Deadline for applications is 2nd December 2015.

In summary, the changes to the scheme are as follows:
• a preliminary stage one application form has been introduced which is a shortened version of the NIHR standard application form. The stage one application form will be easier and faster to complete given it is a shorter form
• stage one applications will be assessed by a Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) and applicants will then be notified as to whether a stage two application has been invited by the RAC or not
• applicants will be provided with feedback following assessment of a stage one
• for applicants invited to stage two, information included within the stage one form will be auto populated into the stage two form, and applicants only need to make appropriate revisions (if necessary) and complete the remaining sections of the stage two form
• for further flexibility, applicants invited to stage two will also have the option to defer their stage two application to the following competition should they wish to
• four RACs will be merging to form two, North East and Yorkshire and The Humber regions (Yorkshire and the North East) and the South Central and South East Coast regions (South East and Central), reducing the number of RACs to eight.
More detail about these changes can be found on the RfPB website

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