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Evaluation of Guildford Cathedral Heritage Lottery Funding

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In March 2015, Guildford Cathedral was awarded a grant of nearly £5 million by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) to undertake an ambitious project to secure the long term future of the building for the wider public benefit. Specifically the project will:-

Secure Guildford Cathedral’s Survival through the removal of asbestos from the concrete ceiling vaults

Enrich the Visitor Experience by improving facilities, accessibility and interpretation

Widen and Deepen Community Engagement with the Cathedral and encourage a new generation to become involved, through

  1. Capturing the story of the “The People’s Cathedral” through the memories of individuals and bringing to life the rich history of the Cathedral
  2. Improving and enhancing the range of learning opportunities available for children and adults
  3. Expanding the portfolio of volunteering opportunities enabling individuals to feel embedded in the life of the Cathedral

Guildford Cathedral wish to appoint an external evaluator to assess the effectiveness and the impact of the HLF funded bid, the People’s Cathedral.

The evaluator will be required to work with Guildford Cathedral to develop appropriate evaluation tools to target a range of identified audiences including young people, families, volunteers, learners, parishes, specialist groups, tourists, the local community and staff. The evaluators will be required to undertake and in some cases train staff and volunteers to undertake interviews, observations, focus groups, surveys, questionnaires and other techniques as appropriate.

The evaluator will be required to regularly report to the HLF Project Team and Executive, highlighting key findings, best practice and lessons learnt in order to feed in learning as the project progresses.

The evaluator will be required to develop an interim report during 2016 and a final report during 2017 articulating:-

  • The impact of the project in relation to identified hard and soft targets.
  • The success of the People’s Cathedral initiative at overcoming identified barriers to engagement.
  • Achievement against defined measures of success.
  • The impact of the improved facilities, accessibility and interpretation on the visitor experience.
  • The success of the project activity at widening and deepening community engagement.
  • Key lessons learnt and best practice in relation to the People’s Cathedral initiative learning and participation aims.
  • Ongoing evaluation mechanism to capture the longer term impact of the People’s Cathedral initiative.

Funding available: £10,000

Deadline for proposals: 9 October

More information:

Please contact Mike Daw if you are interested in bidding.

  • In addition, the evaluator will be required to work with the HLF Project Manager to produce a series of case studies during the initiative to share with the wider community

Author: Michael Daw

When working for Manchester Met University, I'm responsible for facilitating strategic relationships with businesses and other external organisations. When doing Transition New Mills, I'm on the Steering Committee and facilitating the Energy Action Group.

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