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City Centre Lane Strategy for Glasgow

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Glasgow City Council launched its new City Centre Strategy 2014-19 (CCS) in November 2013, before it formally went live in April 2014. The CCS outlines the strategic vision for the City Centre: one of an attractive and active area able to foster a thriving civic life, enhance the overall quality of life, and promote economic growth, inclusion and sustainability. Progress of the City Centre Strategy will be evaluated at the end of its first five years.

A fundamental component of the CCS and a key priority is the development and delivery of the City Centre Lane Strategy (CCLS). Public space, in the form of streets and squares, plays a very important role in the functioning of our city, both as the physical landscape for people, buildings and activities and as the space where social interaction happens.The purpose of this project is therefore to seek a multi-disciplinary consultancy team to develop and produce a Lane Strategy in Glasgow city centre. The aim is to produce a SMART (specific, measurable, action-orientated, realistic, and timetabled), evidence-based Strategy that lays out a clear vision for the city centre lanes along with key objectives that will achieve the vision. This will include some concept designs, and consideration of various interventions depending on the suitability of the lanes. This will also include the development of new planning policies as required.

Deadline for proposals: 26 November

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