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Climate-proofing water infrastructure in St Vincent

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Currently infrastructure development in Saint Vincent – and the larger Caribbean region – adopts a business-as-usual approach without incorporating climate-resilient considerations in project assessments and feasibility studies. By developing a new approach for incorporating climate resilience, this pilot project will showcase the success of resilience measures in new infrastructure development. We anticipate that disseminating lessons learned from the St Vincent pilot project could lead to climate resilience measures being applied to other water-related infrastructure projects in the Caribbean region. The objectives of this project are to: Increase the mobilisation of resources for water infrastructure projects that increase climate resilience. By providing guidance, recommendations and technical support to the Central Water and Sewerage Authority in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (CWSA), this project will assist them in applying for funding for a climate-proofed Sandy Bay water service improvement project. Demonstrate a compelling case for changing the business-as-usual model for investment in water security projects by analysing the costs and benefits of climate-proofing water sector infrastructure investments, in this case the Sandy Bay water service improvement project. Increase knowledge and understanding in the region about climate-proofing of investments by sharing the results and lessons learned with key stakeholders, as well as integrating them into a proposed regional training programme for water operators on climate resilience.

Deadline for proposals: 4 December

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