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ORCID ID: Get one now in 3 easy steps!

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What is ORCID?

An ORCID iD is a unique and persistent identifier for researchers – an ID number that can help make your scholarship easier to find and attribute so that you get credit for all that you do.

Having an ORCID iD will help:

  • Make your work discoverable by others
  • Connect your research to you throughout your career, no matter how your name appears in publication
  • Distinguish you from other researchers with similar names
  • Minimize the time you spend entering data when submitting research for publication or applying for grants

Another good reason to register:

researchfish logoResearchfish has recently become a member of the ORCID community and are integrating with the ORCID iD researcher identification registry, this will enable researchers to transfer publicaitons to and from their ORCID account.

In three easy steps you can Register, Build your Profile and Use your ID. To register click here

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