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British Medical Association Research Grants

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Below is a list of the research grants that will be awarded in 2016.

Doris Hillier

To assist research into rheumatism and arthritis.

T P Gunton

To assist research into public health relating to cancer.

H C Roscoe

To promote research into the elimination of the common cold and/or other viral diseases of the human respiratory system.

Helen H Lawson

To promote research into novel technologies and/or organisational systems to assist in patient care, primary care or public health.

Dawkins and Strutt

To assist research into the effectiveness of psychological therapies in pain and medically unexplained symptoms.

Josephine Lansdell

To assist research in the field of heart disease.

Margaret Temple

To assist research into schizophrenia.

Kathleen Harper

To promote research into the role of supported self-care in medical practice.

The James Trust

To assist research into asthma.

Vera Down

To assist research into neurological disorders.

The Scholarship Grant

To promote research into the physical, emotional, mental health, social and educational outcomes for children, young people and/or adults who have suffered from sexual abuse or exploitation.

The deadline for applications is 7 Mar 16.

For more information, please visit:

For support during your application, please contact your relevant Research Development Manager.


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