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Announcing the’Digging into Data’ Challenge

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The Trans-Atlantic Platform (T-AP) will be launching its first international grant programme in March 2016: the Digging into Data Challenge.

The Challenge will support researchers in examining how “big data”, and the methods to use it, are changing the social sciences and humanities research landscape.

The grant programme is open to projects that address any research question in social sciences or humanities disciplines by using new, large-scale, digital data analysis techniques. All projects must show how these techniques can lead to new theoretical insights. Proposed projects can use any data source.

About T-AP

T-AP is an unprecedented collaboration between key humanities and social science funders from South America, North America and Europe. The platform underpins a network of program managers, and social sciences and humanities research councils and facilitators.

T-AP aims to enhance the ability of funders, research organizations and researchers to engage in transnational dialogue and collaboration. Among other activities, it works to identify common challenges and promote a culture of digital scholarship in social science and humanities research. T-AP also facilitates the formation of networks within the social sciences and humanities and helps connect them with other disciplines.

Visit the Trans-Atlantic Platform website for more information about the Platform and its activities.

About the Digging into Data Challenge

The Digging into Data Challenge has been funding cutting-edge digital research in the social sciences and humanities since 2009. Now under the auspices of T-AP, the program will support collaborative research teams from three continents: Europe (Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal and the UK); North America (Canada, Mexico, the United States); and South America (Brazil and Argentina).

Application details for the upcoming Challenge will be made available on the Digging into Data Challenge website from 1 March 2016.

For info: projects will need investigators from at least 3 of the participating countries (including from both sides of the Atlantic). You can see a list of the awards made in the  last round (2013) here:



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