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Bassetlaw Town Centres Study

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Bassetlaw District Council is currently in the early stages of preparing a new Local Plan. In order to support this process the authority is seeking to commission a new Town Centres Study, one that incorporates all of the elements of a traditional Retail Needs Assessment but considers a wider range of town uses alongside retail. This will include commissioning new household surveys of shopping habits. The role of this study will be to provide recommendations on how the authority should treat new proposals for retail development and other town centre uses, including recommendations addressing the scale and types of floorspace that should be planned for through the new Local Plan. To account for changes that have taken place since the last study, carried out in 2012, the new study will also need to consider the centres of Tuxford and Harworth-Bircotes, alongside the larger town centres at Retford and Worksop. Those bidding for the work will need to demonstrate that they have the skills and resources to carry out the work to a tight timetable, with a completion deadline of August 2016.

Deadline for proposals: 12 February

Funding available: £40,000

For more information, please contact


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