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Emotional Intelligence and Behavioural Training

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There is an immediate need to deliver Emotional Intelligence Training for the MoD. The training will need to address a) how one can adapt one’s own behaviour to a particular work situation and b) how one can read and respond effectively to the behaviours displayed by others. The delivery requirement is for 15 closed 1 day courses for circa 300 delegates at a government establishment venue to include access to an on-line management training channel. This is critical for all delegates to be able to consolidate and refresh their learning and knowledge. The course will provide coaching, exercises and skills in learning to understand participants own behaviour and thinking patterns along with understanding the behaviours and motivations of others. The course will also incorporate elements of business change, dealing with daily pressures and building effective relationships. The requirement is to provide a tailored training solution designed to meet D Tech’s learning requirements relating directly to organisational outcomes. The delivery will be provided by two experienced, skilled and knowledgeable facilitators. Evaluation will be built into the process including pre and post evaluation.

Deadline for proposals: 16 February

Funding available: £113,000

For more information, please contact

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