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Research Into Perception of Modern Working Practices

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The AN2 project supports employers to examine and develop their organisational culture to achieve a more inclusive working environment which harnesses the skills and abilities of all the talent available to them. To increase our knowledge in this area, Chwarae Teg would like to commission research into the perceptions businesses have about modern working practices. The work will focus on the current understanding of flexible working, agile working and results only working amongst businesses in Wales and the benefits of modern working practices for employers. The research should also investigate the impact of organisational culture on the working practices and vice versa. Any differences between large employers and SMEs should be explored.The sample should be taken from the 9 priority sectors as identified by the Welsh Government, i.e.; Energy and Environment, Food and Farming, Advanced Materials and Manufacturing, ICT, Creative Industries, Life Sciences, Tourism, Construction, Finance, and Professional Services.

Deadline for proposals: 29 February

Funding available: £22,000

For more information, please contact


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