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The Annual RSC Twitter Poster Competition

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This year will see the second annual Royal Society of Chemistry Twitter Poster Competition, organised by Professor Craig Banks, Dr Sam Illingworth and Dr Edward Randviir of MMU, as well as Dr Matthew Baker of the University of Strathclyde. The event aims to capitalise on the success of last year’s event, details of which can be found here.

This year promises to see more contributors, more posters and more discussion. The organising committee have decided to expand the prize pool (thanks to the RSC and Metrohm) and deliver prizes for several different aspects of a poster. These include design, content & accessibility, Twitter interaction, and finally the “audience” prize, which will be awarded to the poster that reached the highest potential audience within the 24 hour period.

The event is open to anybody involved remotely within analytical sciences, and can be entered simply by emailing the organisers with your name, affiliation, and Twitter handle (contact details below). The rest is up to you – upload your poster as a PDF/JPEG/PPT on March 17th at 9.00 am with the hashtag #RSCAnalyticalPoster and start the online discussion!

For more information please contact Dr Edward Randviir.

To register, please email

Further information is available at and on the official RSC blog.

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