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Assessing Impacts of Forestry Strategies

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This project, funded by Historic England, responds to the Government’s commitment to increasing England’s forest area and the benefits that they provide to environment, economy and society. It aims to use the opportunities offered by the historic environment to inform how England’s woodlands can expand, and protect those heritage assets and areas that are most sensitive to future change. The key products shall be: i) A Woodland Futures map and report, comprising: Digital mapping using available data to indicate the future scale and type of woodland expansion; Analysis of potential for and sensitivity to woodland expansion of different historic landscape types and areas, using the National Character Areas and Agricultural Landscape Types as a framework for reporting how woodland has developed since c. 1900 and where large to small scale planting is most likely to have an impact; ii) A Woodland Expansion Assessment Framework for use at a strategic and site-based level. This will help users identify at the earliest stage the potential for woodland expansion, and also the key issues to inform woodland/forest design and the long-term interpretation and protection of historic features and heritage assets.

Deadline for proposals: 26 February

Funding available: £25,000

For more information, please contact


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