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Research into the Qualitative Indicators of Risk

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In the context of this project, an indicator is defined as: ‘a sign that shows the condition or existence of something’, in this instance risk of poor quality care. In particular, we anticipate that the project will result in a set of measures that either singularly, or in combination, could be used by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to understand risk and potentially trigger an appropriate regulatory action. These measures may be operationalised in a number of ways; for example, via the development of thresholds or as comparative indicators. We intend for this research to establish what indicators of risk can be identified from the range of qualitative data sources CQC receives. This includes: Qualitative information generated by CQC, for example via Thematic Reviews; Qualitative information we receive directly from people who have received or provide care, for example via complaints from the public and whistleblowing information; Qualitative information we receive from other national organisations, for example the Local Government Ombudsman; Qualitative Information we get from local organisations, for example Local Healthwatch and Overview and Scrutiny Committees. In commissioning this research, CQC seeks to understand what indicators of risk are present in qualitative data received by the organisation and what volume of qualitative information warrants concern. In relation to this, it is important to note that risk in qualitative information could be indicated by seriousness and not necessarily by volume alone. In order to meet this overarching requirement, we expect the successful provider will include the following elements within their methodology; however, we welcome suggestions for alternative or additional approaches and methods.

Deadline for proposals: 24 February

Funding available: £80,000

For more information, please contact

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