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Executive Coaching, Learning and Development

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Bidders are required to prepare a proposal for a coaching programme for Acivico SLT that describe the objectives, content and measurable outcomes of the programme contextualizing this with best practice in terms of executive-level coaching, learning and development. The proposal should describe their coaching methodology, approach, and the conceptual basis and indicate how this would be implemented in relation to Acivico. This should include a description of how the bidder identifies areas of weakness and strength and prioritises the issues that would be addressed during the coaching intervention. The proposal should indicate in general terms the optimal duration of a coaching intervention and the way it would be organized. A generic description of the preparations needed for the coaching intervention, the form and organization of the intervention itself, as well as identification of key meetings, milestones, evaluations and assessments of the relationship should be included in this. The proposal should also indicate what verbal or written feedback would be provided during coaching and to whom this would be made available.

Deadline for proposals: 29 February

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