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Manchester Institute of Health and Performance

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Launched on 4th February 2016, The Manchester Institute of Health and Performance (MiHP) is a unique partnership between City Football Group, Sport England and Manchester City Council. Located in Beswick, the Institute is in the unique position of being home to many elite athletes, whilst also being located in area of poor health – an interesting dynamic.

The Institute aims to provide an environment that supports the professional development of experienced and up-and-coming athletes, whilst a dedicated educational facility promotes learnings to demonstrate and improve the benefits of health and fitness in the everyday lives of the community.

MiHP has a Scientific Advisory Board, who will be agreeing their research priorities over the next month and a User Group Forum, which MMU have been invited to attend. We will update you as more information about these two groups develops.

For more information, please visit:

There are opportunities for us and our students to work with MiHP in a whole host of ways spanning research and knowledge exchange and public engagement. If you’d like to know more or have a proposal to put to MiHP, please get in contact with Nikki Lees on 0161 247 2151 or email:


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