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Child and Adult Safeguarding in Overseas Territories

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Through the Safeguarding Children in the Overseas Territories Project (SCOT) the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) is currently delivering a range of expert advice and practical support on child and adult safeguarding to UK Overseas Territory (OT) Governments; and to provide support for in-country OT policy and multi-agency service delivery. We are seeking additional providers who can: deliver evidence based policy and data analysis skills to support an improved knowledge base, build platforms of support for political and social change and improve service delivery options through targeted interventions; deliver expert advice (with investigative risk assessment/risk management capacity); and deliver multi-agency child and adult safeguarding capacity building expertise (police, legal, social work, counselling, communications etc). DFID oversees programme implementation, in coordination with the Child Safeguarding Unit in the FCO’s Overseas Territories Directorate who are working with DFID in monitoring the project, engaging in project meetings and ensuring that participating territory Governors are engaged and supportive.

Deadline for proposals: 7 March

For more information, please contact


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