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Why Medicine Needs Computer Modelling in the Fight Against Brain Disease

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Take a look at his article by Steve Furber, posted on Manchester Policy Blogs.

Research into new drugs for brain disease is being held back because of a lack of fundamental understanding and models of brain function argues Steve Furber, who explains why policy makers and researchers worldwide should make computer modelling part of the solution.

Brain diseases cost the developed economies more than heart diseases, cancer and diabetes put together, not to mention their impact on the quality of life of those affected and their families. Yet research into new drugs for brain diseases has all but stopped, because modern drug development is based on understanding disease processes and that same level of understanding is missing for the brain.

I believe that medical scientists should embrace research undertaken by their colleagues in computer science because it is widely accepted that we now have the tools, not only computers for modelling, but also brain imaging machines, multi-electrode probes, and many more, that make this the right time to try to push forward our understanding of this most complex of organs.

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