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Future of Content – Games for Grown-ups

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BBC Connected Studio are looking for proposals for projects that will demonstrate a fragment of a game that could stand as best in class, indicative of a full game experience. The Suppliers that we will elect further to this ITT may then be commissioned to deliver a pilot of their proposed project. They are looking for games that cover one or both of these key themes: Games that make players feel differently or learn something about themselves; Games that make players think differently about life and/or the world. These themes link to several of the public purposes set out in the BBC Charter: to promote good citizenship; to encourage informal learning; to reflect UK audiences; and the world around us. Any game idea submitted should therefore have a solid underpinning in the big ideas and events in history, art, philosophy, psychology or science, and through format, game engine and design should bring a new perspective to our audience.

Deadline for proposals: 4 March

Funding available: £50,000

For more information, please contact


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