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Study to Investigate Engineer Personnel Fatigue

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Robust research is required to provide evidence against the following questions: What is meant by the term ‘fatigue’ in the context of engineering personnel?; How prevalent is the issue of fatigue within an Engineer Population?; Are there particular types of Engineering trades which are most/least likely to be prone to physical and/or mental fatigue?; What are (if any) the Fatigue Risk Factors?; What might be the impact of fatigue at an individual, team and organisational level? Both long and short term impacts of fatigue must be considered; What practical recommendations can be made to mitigate any risks/issues identified? In considering the research design and approach, suppliers are encouraged to consider any relevant theoretical underpinning research / evidence that will inform the work. The research approach will need to confirm that the issue is one of ‘Fatigue’ rather than any other closely related concept such as stress, boredom, work underload/overload etc.

Deadline for proposals: 18 March

Funding available: £100,000

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