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Horizon 2020 – A glimpse into the future (clues about the next phase of H2020)

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A recent publication from DG Research (Strategic Foresight: Towards the 3rd Strategic Programme of Horizon 2020 available here) provides an interesting take on what the future could hold for Horizon 2020 and is likely to be a key input into setting future priorities. Designed to provoke discussion, eight ’emerging issues and disruptions’ are explored  in the context of future scenarios and the implications they have for the third phase of Horizon 2020 are considered.

The areas identified are:

  • Hyperconnectivity and Big Data driving accelerated change and innovation
  • Falling cost of energy as a huge economic and environmental game changer
  • Migration and changing demographics: important changes for innovation in Europe
  • Health as a major driver: a key concern in citizens’ aspirations and a shaper of attitudes to Research and Innovation
  • Facing climate change, oceans and space as pacifying/unifying projects
  • Primary sector innovation: strategic and key for sustainability and well-being
  • Biotechnology as the next wave of disruptive technologies
  • A state of instability as the new norm in global society

Whilst digesting the whole report requires a certain amount of commitment from the reader, Section 6 (and in particular the introduction of each issue and implications for Horizon 2020) is likely to be of interest to the H2020 ‘Detective’.



One thought on “Horizon 2020 – A glimpse into the future (clues about the next phase of H2020)

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    A useful heads up via Manchester Metropolitan University regarding emerging themes for future Horizon 2020 rounds.

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