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Leadership and Management of a Continuous Learning Environment


This research aims to provide supporting evidence to underpin and enable the embedding of a continuous learning environment concept. The mandatory tasks required in completion of the requirement are: Identification of what is expected and required of leaders and managers overseeing unit continuous learning; Identification of what knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA) and competencies are required to lead and manage a continuous learning organisation; Identification of opportunities to develop these KSAs and competencies; A review of Role Performance Statements for continuous learning courses with recommendations drawn from previous DTC research; Support exploitation of TIN 2.051 Phase 2.1 (What does a good trainer look like and attraction to trainer role).

Deadline for proposals: 6 May

Funding available: £80,000

For more information, please contact


2 thoughts on “Leadership and Management of a Continuous Learning Environment

  1. This could be interesting. I’ll talk with Caroline on this as we could think about things we did for the NCTL here.


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