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AHRC Publish Delivery Plan 2016/17-2019/20

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AHRC have just published their Delivery Plan 2016/17-2019/20. All Research Councils publish Delivery Plans as a final product of Government Spending Review. The Plans set out each Council’s funding priorities and outline the activities that they intend to undertake over a given period i.e. this is the document gives some genuine signposts as to what is coming up over next couple of years. We’ve provided a summary below.

The full document is available HERE.

  • The three priority areas in Design, Heritage and Modern Languages will be advanced and new Leadership Fellows will be commissioned for each.
  • In line with the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF), the following topics are likely to provide an initial focus for AHRC-specific and Cross-Council work include: Conflict, Humanitarian Aid and Human Rights; People on the Move, Migration and Refugee Crises; Global Public Health; Environmental Change; Cultural Heritage and Management the Creative and Digital Economy; and Gender and Inequality.
  • The four current themes: Care for the Future; Digital Transformations; Science in Culture; and Translating Cultures, will be “brought to fruition” suggesting no future calls.
  • Commissioning for the next DTPs will begin in late 2016.
  • A Creative Economy Fund will be launched toward the end of 2016 to support the four Knowledge Exchange Hubs.
  • Continued constraints on the core resource budget may require the AHRC to consider more specific demand management measures.
  • Respond to the growing emphasis on open policy and the professionalization of policy making to develop our policy profile in areas where we identify strong clusters of activity. As part of this there is an emphasis on partnering with other funders e.g. H2020, HERA, Innovate UK, and other Research Councils.

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