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Today’s Tenders

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Take a look at these Tender opportunities for funding in Knowledge Exchange activities. Please pass this on to any colleagues you feel may also be interested. For more information on any opportunity listed, please contact

Review of Practice, Innovation and New Approaches in UK Grant-making

The National Heritage Memorial Fund require a supplier to produce a research report into innovation and current approaches to UK grant making, comparisons across other funders processes, and gathering an evidence base showing where HLF fits into this picture.

Deadline for proposals: 18 July

Funding available: £25,000

Green Space Quality Assessment

Warwick District Council is commissioning consultants to undertake services in relation to measuring the quality of the Councils Green spaces which is essential in determining the current status of green space and to enable future planning of any improvements. The quality assessment will determine those green spaces that have the greatest deficiencies in quality and will identify those reasons why these green spaces have scored poorly but will also help to inform how this could be addressed.

Deadline for proposals: 22 July

Local Welfare Assistance Research

Bradford Metropolitan District Council is looking to appoint a Consultant/Researcher to understand the impact of the residents of the district, when the Discretionary Scheme was abolished in March 2015. Does the new scheme meet the needs of the residents and what amendments may be required to the current scheme? What could be the reasons for the low take up and what are people doing instead of applying for the loan? Are there any impacts of the low take up that may be affecting debt levels, homelessness and crime? A report will be required along with an executive summary, methodology statement, an evidence based Appendix and a presentation of your research findings.

Deadline for proposals: 3 August

Learning Disability Community Development Project

Time To Shine are looking for a delivery partner to help us gain a better understanding of how many older learning disabled people are experiencing social isolation in Leeds. What are the barriers are for them in developing meaningful social relationships and how they would like to tackle their isolation and loneliness?

Deadline for proposals: 7 September


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