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Take a look at these Tender opportunities for funding in Knowledge Exchange activities. Please pass this on to any colleagues you feel may also be interested. For more information on any opportunity listed, please contact

Skills Development Scotland Formative Evaluation

Skills Development Scotland wish to commission a formative evaluation to assess pathfinders while they are running, highlighting areas of strength and areas for improvement, as well as gathering evidence on initial outcomes for participants and partners. The specific aims and objectives of this evaluation work are to: Assess the relative strengths and weaknesses of the different delivery models; Provide recommendations to inform future development and help refine delivery models; and Identify areas of best practice.

Deadline for proposals: 15 July

Leicester and Leicestershire Economic Review

Leicester City Council as accountable body for the Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership invites suitably qualified Suppliers to provide a ‘State of the Nation’ type report.

Deadline for proposals: 18 July

Economic Research and Assessment Services

The States of Jersey Health and Social Services Department and the Department of Social Security wish to commission an independent advisor who can draw on their knowledge of international evidence and offer: An assessment of the current system of charging policies and government funding and a comparison with other relevant jurisdictions; Advice on the design of a government funded scheme to assist low income individuals with the cost of health co-payments in General Practice; Advice on the effect different charging mechanisms can have on patient and practitioner behaviours, specifically associated with General Practice and Pharmacy services.

Deadline for proposals: 25 July

Northern Lighthouse Board Leadership Development Training

The purpose of this procurement exercise is to identify a potential training supplier that can provide Leadership Development Training for the Northern Lighthouse Boards Chief Executive, Directors and Senior Managers.

Deadline for proposals: 29 July

Funding available: £50,000

Living Well in a High Cost Economy: In-Work Poverty Research Brief

Shetland Islands Council are commissioning a piece of research to inform Shetland’s response to the growing issue of in-work poverty in the Isles. The primary purpose of the first three parts of the research would be to gather and report the evidence to understand the current situation, whilst the final part is to use the evidence to support those involved in developing local strategy to identify potential solutions.

Deadline for proposals: 29 July

Funding available: £30,000

Research into Fair Decision-making within Organisations

The General Medical Council aims to understand how other organisations ensure that their decision making is fair. The research will explore: How other organisations ensure that their decision-making is fair; What decision-making tools, techniques, processes, training, guidance and other approaches are used; How they ensure quality and consistency in decision-making; What good practice principles help to ensure fair decision-making; Any barriers or challenges to fair decision-making.

Deadline for proposals: 5 August

Evaluation of ‘Communities for Work’ Programme

The Welsh Government is looking to commission the evaluation of ‘Communities for Work’, an EU-funded employment/employability programme in Wales. The proposed research focuses on the way that CfW has been established, how well it is being administered and how effectively it is identifying and engaging with local employers and the intended clientele and helping them to overcome barriers to work, to acquire job-relevant skills and to take up job-relevant opportunities.

Deadline for proposals: 5 August

Funding available: £200,000

Research into the Business Services Sector in Northern Ireland

Invest NI wishes to appoint a Contractor to undertake independent expert analysis on various aspects of the Business Services industry in Northern Ireland and produce research which can be used to help develop and support the sector.

Deadline for proposals: 19 August

Funding available: £32,000


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