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British Academy Special Funds

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In September 2016 the British Academy will be inviting applications for a selection of Special Funds, the majority of which are administered through the BA/Leverhulme Small Research Grants scheme. Available funds range from £1,000 – £10,000. Awards are tenable for up to 24 months. The deadline for applications is the 12th October 2016.

Ancient Persia Fund

For the study of Iranian or Central Asian studies in the pre-Islamic period.

Elisabeth Barker Fund

For studies in recent European history, particularly the history of Central and Eastern Europe. An application to this fund may be combined with an application for a small research grant for other costs, up to a total of £7,500.

Sir Ernest Cassel Educational Trust Fund

For travel costs relating to a research project (particularly aimed at recent postdoctoral scholars).

44th International Congress of Americanists Fund

For travel costs relating to Latin American studies.

Elie Kedourie Memorial Fund

For the study of Middle Eastern and Modern European History, and the History of Political Thought.

Honor Frost Foundation

To promote the advancement and research of marine and maritime archaeology.

Journal of Moral Education Trust

Research in the fields of moral education, moral psychology, moral philosophy and ethics, Civics and citizenship education and subjects bearing on our understanding of how human beings engage or disengage with moral life.

Neil Ker Memorial Fund

For the study of Western medieval manuscripts. More details on the Neil Ker Memorial Fund can be found here.

Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain

Research in philosophy brought to bear on educational questions and issues.

Society for the Advancement of Management Studies

For the support of research in Management and Business Studies.

Stein-Arnold Exploration Fund

For research on the antiquities, historical geography, early history, or arts of India, China, and Iran, including Central Asia. More details on the Stein-Arnold Exploration Fund can be found here.

Sino-British Fellowship Trust

For individual or co-operative research projects in Britain or China.

British Accounting and Finance Association

For research into Accounting and Finance, broadly interpreted to cover all aspects of historical and contemporary research on relevant subjects.

Please visit British Academy for more information and to stay up to date with award details.


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