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CRACK-IT Launch Event

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NC3Rs CRACK IT Challenges 2016 launch event will take place on 8 September in Central London.

CRACK IT Challenges is a research competition to solve scientific and business problems identified by the bioscience sector. The Challenges are designed to reduce the reliance on animal models and/or improve animal welfare and lead to the development of marketable products. The competition is run using the SBRI’s process which is supported by Innovate UK and Challenges are sponsored by companies who provide in-kind contributions such as data, validation and expertise.

This year’s competition includes four Challenges, involving nine Sponsors.

  • Challenge 22 Osteo-chip– An in vitro model to recapitulate the human osteoarthritic joint” (Two Phase Challenge sponsored by Arthritis Research UK and GSK and co-funded by Arthritis Research UK and EPSRC).
  • Challenge 23 Retinal 3D– A Physiologically-Competent Human Retinal 3D Model” (Two Phase Challenge sponsored by Roche, Bayer, Merck and Novartis).
  • Challenge 24 EASE– EliminAting Surgical Embryo transfer in mice” (Single Phase Challenge sponsored by MRC Harwell).
  • Challenge 25Maximise– Maximising confidence whilst minimising data generation for acute hazard classification of mixtures” (Single Phase Challenge sponsored by Syngenta and Dow Agrosciences and co-funded by EPSRC).

Each of the Two Phase Challenges offers up to £1 million funding and a research contract for up to three years and up to £ 0.1 million funding and a research contract for up to one year for each of the Single Phase Challenges. The Challenge briefs are available now on the CRACK IT and SBRI websites.

The launch event is free to attend but registration is essential.

To register, please download and complete the registration form on the CRACK IT website and return to  Please use your institutional email address when registering. The deadline for registration is 1 September 2016.

Further details on the event and location will be sent to you following registration form completion.

The programme for the event includes:

  • Challenge-specific surgeries where participants can meet the Sponsors and discuss the Challenges in detail.
  • Networking sessions around Challenge zones providing an opportunity to identify new collaborators to help solve the Challenges.
  • A case study of the CRACK IT Challenges experience from a winner of one of the 2014 CRACK IT Challenges.
  • Information on the scheme and how to apply.

Further information will be sent closer to the date of the event.


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