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ESRC Secondary Data Analysis – Highlight Notice for Dept of Education

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ESRC    Funding for this highlight notice is being provided by the Department for Education in order to produce insight into policy areas of interest to the Department and to promote the use of relevant datasets. The highlight notice provides up to 18 months funding for grants with an overall limit of £200,000 (100 per cent full Economics Cost (fEC). It is expected to fund around two projects in 2017.

Proposals submitted to this highlight notice must address at least one of the themes outlined below:


  • Teacher quality/subject specialism and the link to social mobility; what works in recruitment and retention of teachers and leaders
  • Social mobility: regional differences in early years, school choice and Higher Education attainment
  • The gender pay gap – using household level data to understand the within household GPG
    • How does time from birth to return to work vary across the income distribution?
    • Within households that have a child and a parent returns to work is gender or pay level the biggest determinant of which parent returns? For example: is it always the men who return, irrespective of pay?
  • Further education – choice and quality, what works?

This highlight notice relates to the Secondary Data Analysis Initiative (SDAI) and no other ESRC scheme. All  SDAI scheme requirements, such as the inclusion of an early career researcher are also required for the highlight notice apart from the requirement to use ESRC funded data resources or infrastructure.

Some resources which are likely to be particularly useful in investigating these areas include:

  • National Pupil Database (NPD)
  • Longitudinal Surveys: including the first and second cohorts of the Longitudinal Study of Young People in England; the Millennium Cohort Study and Understanding Society
  • Labour Force Survey
  • Family Resources Survey

However, the use of any secondary data resource is acceptable provided applicants are able to access it (proof of this right should be included in proposals where access is difficult).

The deadline is  16.00 on 10 March 2017.

Proposals funded through the highlight notice should start in September 2017 (for a period of up to 18 months).



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