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An Introduction to Researchfish

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Researchfish is an online portal that researchers must use to submit their research outcomes to their funder, as part of the terms and conditions of an awarded research grant.

What do you have to submit?

There are common set questions regarding publication, impact and engagement etc. which you can record against your award. You may also have funder specific questions to answer, for example if your grant has a medical or ethical element to it.

You may be required to report for up to 5 years after the project has ended. As such, you are encouraged to continue to update your outcomes yearly.

If you have nothing to report in this submission period, you must still formerly submit a ‘nil submission’.

When do you have to submit your research outcomes?

You can add your research outcomes to your Researchfish profile and award at anytime – BUT you can only submit those outcomes via Researchfish to your funder during a submission period.

The upcoming Submission Period for all RCUK grants is 06 February – 16 March 2017.

What happens if you don’t record and submit your research outcomes?

In a word – SANCTIONS. This could mean payment on your grant could be stopped and the funder may not accept any further applications from you. Only the Principal Investigator on the grant has to record and submit outcomes.

How to guides and further information

Introductory Video


If you need any help with Researchfish there is a live chat function within the Researchfish pages but you can also contact the RKE Office if you are having any issues or anything you would like to clarify – please email

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