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New emerging areas of interest for the Nuffield Foundation

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The Nuffield Foundation is a charitable trust whose aim is to improve social well-being through funding research  in education and social policy.

They  are currently reviewing their  funding priorities and will publish a strategic intent for their grants programmes in summer 2017. In the meantime, they have added some new areas to their funding criteria that reflect their emerging agenda.

In addition to their existing funding priorities, they are calling for applications that examine:

  • Significant structural shifts in British society – demography, social geography, family structures, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, mental health, disability and other vulnerability.
  • The impact of technology on social and economic outcomes, on skills necessary for the modern labour market, and on the wider issue of social relationships and personal identity in a data-driven economy and digital culture.
  • The relationship between trust in data, evidence and institutional authority, and popular values and beliefs.
  • The balance between the protection of individuals and personal responsibility in fostering individual and collective well-being in civic society.
  • Inequalities within and between different generations.

Applications can continue to be made to their existing grant programmes and  applications submitted to their Open Door programme will given priority if they fit the emerging agenda above.




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