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Women in Football/Sport

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Do you have a research interest around women in football and/or sport?

Women’s football is a relatively under-researched area and I believe that there may be opportunities for research around the following:

Physiology: Do women pickup different types of injury’s to men? Is the recovery process/rate different? Which treatments work best? For example we know there’s a difference in knee and ankle issues as opposed to soft tissue injuries in the men’s game. Are there different techniques for kicking, landing etc?

Psychology: Mental preparation, Should/could there be differences in team talk content and delivery? There’s also evidence to suggest that Dads are not letting their girls play football

Perceptions: Looking at the challenges and perceptions of women’s football. Compare men’s and women’s football, like you can tennis. How can we change perceptions?

Fan engagement: Women’s football is a family audience – are we doing them a disservice? What are the barriers for not/attending

Method of play and tactics: How appropriate are they for the women’s game? Could we approaching Method of play/tactics from a different angle? Can female perform to the demands of the game?

If you have a research interest in these or related areas, please get in touch with Nikki Lees, or 0161 247 2151.


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