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International Research: Newton Fund Update

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A number of new opportunities have been launched by the British Council as part of the Newton Fund. These are initiatives which can support you in developing and expanding links internationally. Full details are available on the Newton Fund website, but the key opportunities are as follow:

Opportunity Country UK Funder Deadline
Newton Fund Institutional Links Grants  Brazil, Egypt, Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Thailand


British Council 13 June 2017


Research Links Newton Fund Workshops Brazil, India, Kenya, Malaysia, South Africa, Vietnam


British Council 13 June 2017


Newton Fund Research Links Travel Grants


Thailand British Council 13 June 2017


If you’re interested in applying for any of these opportunities then please do get in touch with the Research Development Team (


As readers of the Blog will be aware, UK research funding is taking on a much more international flavour, with a number of new opportunities aligned to research which will have demonstrable benefits to countries receiving official development assistance (Ed – for those of you interested, there is a list of ODA recipient countries via the OECD website here).

The Newton Fund is a key initiative in which UK funding bodies including the UK research councils, Innovate UK, British Council and academies and learned societies have partnered with funding agencies in target countries to support science and innovation partnerships. In some cases these are thematic, addressing a specific challenge area and in others they are more general capacity building activities. In all cases, the key driver is responding to the needs of the partner country and activities need to be ODA compliant (Ed – there are some helpful pointers on the Newton Fund website here, and colleagues in the Research Development Team can help you to think about whether your project ideas fit requirements).


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