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Collaborative arts and humanities PhD opportunities with Historic England, English Heritage and Oxford University Museums

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AHRC 2The AHRC have awarded studentships to a number of high-profile non-academic institutions through their Collaborative Doctoral Partnerships scheme.  These CDP holders then  invite proposals from interested Higher Education Institutions  in the summer/autumn of each year. All projects are required to involve a collaboration between a university-based researcher and the staff at one of the CDP consortium institutions.

Calls from Historic England and English Heritage and, separately, the Oxford University Museums, are open now (November deadlines) for academics to approach the institution with a potential PhD idea.



This partner has identifies key areas for this year:

  1. Heritage Data Analytics

Improving the re-use potential of digital heritage data so it can best be collected, analysed and presented to enable an increase in the overall knowledge dividends for understanding and managing the historic environment

  1. Archaeological sites affected by coastal erosion

Gaining a better understanding of risk to different site types on different coastal landforms and developing suitable management and mitigation strategies

  1. Heritage Destruction

To reflect and interrogate Historic England’s unique status as a guardian of our heritage, and the incredible photographic evidence of heritage destruction the Historic England Archive holds

  1. The Stories of English Heritage

Understanding the historic and on-going relationship between visitors and English Heritage sites

  1. Coin supply, use and loss in the Military Zone in Roman Britain

Examining the collections from Hadrian’s Wall

  1. English Heritage at Play

Researching the impact of “play” on the visitor experience


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