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Know Your Funder: The Wellcome Trust

wellcome trust

Research Professional recently posted an article which gave some insight into who The Wellcome Trust are and what they’re looking for in the applications they receive. To read the full article visit here, for a brief summary read on!

Some quick facts and figures about the trust

  • They’re the worlds second largest research charity.
  • Their remit isn’t just Biomedical sciences it also includes “humanities and social science research to improve and inform human health”
  • They offer 15 different schemes (although some are only available to current award holders)
  • The funding ranges from £5k – £7m
  • Most schemes are based on a responsive mode but occasionally there are themed calls available, as well as awards for career development.

What makes a good proposal and what are they looking for?

Whilst, like every funder, Wellcome are looking for an ambitious project it must also be feasible. Overall what the committee members want to see is:

  • Novel, ambitious ideas answering a specific research question.
  • A well thought out team with the knowledge and expertise needed to answer that question.
  • Robust and appropriate methodology.
  • Value for money.

Thinking of applying to Wellcome?

You can find what funding is currently available via the Wellcome Trust website.

If there is something you’d like to apply for, or simply want to discuss a potential Wellcome proposal then please get in touch with your Research Development Team.


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The Alliance Hubert Curien Programme


The British Council and Campus France have come together to offer the Alliance Hubert Curien Programme. This is an opportunity for French and British researchers to work together to strengthen current research projects or strengthen collaborative links for the future.

Programme Summary:

The programme will fund the travel and subsistence of research teams in Britain and France to visit each other with the aim to encourage reciprocal mobility in both countries.

Amount: £2,240 (€2,500) available for each partner in each year.

Duration: 2 years

Deadline: Tuesday 4th October.

The outcome of the application will be received in February 2019 with travel in the first year to take from March in the first year.


Applicants must be early career researchers (no more than 10 years post PhD) and must not hold a senior position.

Funding areas include:

  • New nuclear
  • Battery technologies
  • Applied technologies to tackle climate change
  • Mobility of the future


For more information about this scheme please visit the British Council Website.

If you’d like to apply for this programme please get in touch with your International Development team.

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Health Inequalities Research Initiative


The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Policy Research Programme (PRP) invites applications to undertake health inequalities research for the call: “Health Inequalities Research Initiative” to support policy makers in the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) in the following areas:

•Assessing how to improve existing population wide policies aimed at improving health outcomes so that they so they also reduce health inequalities and/or do not exacerbate inequalities
•Identifying which existing health system interventions that are specifically designed to reduce socio-economic health inequalities are effective and cost-effective
•Assessing the effectiveness in reducing health inequalities of whole system approaches to improving the health of deprived communities;
•Identifying opportunities and risks presented by advancements in digital technology, and practical measures to ensure such technology does not exacerbate socio-economic health inequalities.

There is an overarching interest in understanding how to maximise the effectiveness of existing policies so that they can improve the health of the poorest fastest, as well as understanding the reasons why some local areas do well, and some less well, on health inequality measures.

Projects may draw on a range of methodologies, which may include, but not limited to: documentary analysis, evidence reviews, secondary analysis of quantitative and qualitative data, and primary data collection e.g. qualitative research with stakeholders and users.


Competition Launch: (Stage 1) 29th August 2018 (Stage 2) 22nd December 2018

Submission Deadline: (Stage 1)  2nd October 2018 (Stage 2) 22nd January 2019

Submission Outcome: (Stage 1) December 2018 (Stage 2) May 2019

If you are interested in this call, please contact your relevant research development manager. 

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Royal Society International Exchanges

royal society

The Royal Society International Exchange Awards are now open for applications. The current schemes that are available to apply for are:

China Cost Share Programme

£12,000 is available from the Royal Society and an additional £12,000 is awarded by the cost share partner, National Natural Science Foundation of China, to cover both teams international travel and subsistence.

£2,000 of the total budget may be used for research expenses or consumables.

The Duration of award is 2 years.

Closing Date: Tuesday 25th September

Japan/Taiwan Cost Share Programme

£12,000 is available from the Royal Society and an additional £12,000 is awarded by the cost share partner, Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan or Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, to cover the teams travel expenses for the international visits.

£2,000 of the total budget may be used for research expenses or consumables.

The Duration of award is 2 years.

Closing Date: Tuesday 2nd October

Standard Programme

This programme is available for travel to/from all countries outside of the UK with funding varying dependant of the project duration:

  • £3,000 for 3 months to be spent on travel only.
  • £6,000 for 12 months with £1,000 allowable for consumables.
  • £12,000 for 24 months with £2,000 allowable for consumables.

Closing Date: Tuesday 2nd October

Are you eligible?

Activities must be based within the natural sciences including: physics, chemistry, mathematics, computer sciences, engineering, agriculture, biological and medical research, geography and experiment psychology. Social sciences, clinical and patient orientated research is not covered by this scheme.

Both sets of applicants must hold a PhD or have equivalent research experience and hold a contract at their institution that will extent beyond the project dates.


For more information about the schemes please visit the Royal Society website. If you’d like to apply for any of these schemes please contact the Research Development Team.

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Deadlines for Alzheimer’s Research UK grant schemes


Deadlines have been announced for the Alzheimer’s Research UK grant schemes:

  1. Global Clinical Trials Fund – 24th August 2018
  2. PhD Scholarship, Extension, Preparatory Clinical Research Fellowship, Pilot projects – 3rd October 2018
  3. Equipment, Sabbatical/Secondment, Network Support, Target Validation Pathfinder Grant – 14th November 2018
  4. Major projects, Interdisciplinary Research Grant, Senior Research Fellowship, Research Fellowship, Clinical Research Fellowship, Network Cooperation, Network Accelerate – 23rd January 2019
  5. Scientific Conference – Yearly

For more details, see website.

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2019 Skills and Knowledge Transfer grant scheme: a new collaboration with Cancer Research UK







This year marks the beginning of a new collaboration between Cancer Research UK (CRUK) and the NC3Rs as they offer joint awards to support the sharing of 3Rs skills, tools and technologies within cancer research.

The UK continues to lead the way in scientific excellence through the development of pioneering 3Rs technologies and methods. However, concerns about issues such as comparison with historic data or access to specialist skills and/or equipment can mean that researchers are reluctant to take up new 3Rs approaches.

To help researchers overcome these barriers and de-risk the adoption of 3Rs methods, NC3Rs and Cancer Research have come together to develeop a new Skills and Knowledge Transfer scheme. This scheme gives researchers the resources they need to implement new 3Rs tools and technologies, the opportunity to learn new career advancing skills to complement their research, and in turn build confidence and capacity in the use of 3Rs approaches.

Awards are for up to 24 months with the amount requested dependent on the science and limited to a maximum of £75k (80% FEC). This competition is run annually and the budget for the 2018/19 call is £400k.

Deadline for outline proposal – 23rd November, 2018

Deadline for full application – 6th February, 2019

If you would like to discuss this opportunity, please contact your relevant research development officer (

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Developing funding proposals in applied health and social care: first grants


Registration is now OPEN for the NIHR Research Design Service North West (RDS NW), Developing funding proposals in applied health and social care: first grants. The event is for health and social care professionals and researchers in the North West of England who want to develop and submit a funding application.

The event is intended for people who are less experienced at applying for research funding and may be considering their first research grant submission. This event is not suitable for anyone who has previously had a research grant. This event will also focus on NHS and Social Care Staff or academic staff working with NHS staff to support them on their first grant. Attending the event will help to make your application stronger and increase your chance of getting your research idea funded.

The event will be held on the 11th October, 2018, 9am – 3pm, at The Story Institute, Lancaster, LA1 1TH.

For more information, or to register, click here.