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Latest NIHR Funding Opportunities

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The National Institute for Health Research have two new calls that are open for applications:

Policy Research Programme: Representativeness of Adult Social Care Surveys

Award Amount: up to £200,000

Duration: 9 months

Deadline: 29th January 2019

NIHR  are looking for a research proposal to assess the representativeness of surveys currently used to understand the experience of adult social care users and carers in England. The research should:

  • Review current methodologies, sampling strategies and outputs to identify the characteristsics of those being selected for surveys and those responding.
  • Explore whether surveys are representative of the target populations and identify gaps in coverage.
  • Review best practice.
  • Identify ways in which the survey programme can be enhanced. 

For more information about this opportunity please visit here

Policy Research Programme: Implementation and Assessment of Mandatory Calorie Labelling

Award Amount:up to £650,000

Duration: 45 months

Deadline: 29th January 2019

The Government has recently consulted on mandatory calorie labelling in the OOH sector. Research is required to explore the implementation of this and evaluate the outcomes on business, individuals and families.  The following questions should be included in the research:

  • How effective have regulations to mandate calorie labelling for the OOH sector been in providing consumers with clear and accurate information about the calorie content of food and drink?
  • How have providers in the OOH sector responded? What are the effects on business?
  • How have consumers responded to the labelling?
  • What are the implications of mandatory calorie labelling for enforcement?

For more information about this opportunity please visit here

If you would like to apply to either of these opportunities then please get in touch with your Research Development Team.

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