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EPSRC “Tackling global development challenges through physical sciences research” funding call

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EPSRC has issued a research funding call for “Tackling global development challenges through physical sciences research”. The start point for any project funded via this call must be novel physical sciences research. That research must underpin the majority of the subsequent activities planned for completion during the project. There will be scope in this call for those subsequent activities to span into EPSRC’s wider remit (e.g. the realm of energy, engineering, healthcare technologies etc.), or beyond (e.g. into the remit of any other of the UKRI Councils or Innovate UK), in order to best serve the Official Development Assistance (ODA) aims of this call. EPSRC welcomes applications aimed at supporting an internationally leading programme of physical sciences research, to tackle the challenges faced by developing countries. Research projects should demonstrate a contribution to the global effort to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Each of the SDGs has a list of targets that may prove instructive in helping applicants to identify where they might contribute to one or more of the goals. Collaborators (academic researchers and/or direct beneficiaries) in one or more LMIC will be mandatory. Overseas Co-Investigators must be researchers based in research organisations in LMIC. Research should be undertaken with the partner country(ies) identified to ensure that it benefits the most vulnerable people in those countries and that the outcome is sustainable; the benefit does not end with the conclusion of the proposed research. 

Further details  here.

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