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Nuffield Foundation Strategic Fund – Seed Corn Now Open!

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Following the previous blog post announcing Nuffield’s new £15 million fund for ambitious social science research projects, seed corn applications are now open.

For applicants who want to do some initial exploration of ideas, Nuffield are providing the opportunity to apply for seed corn funding with their latest update:

“We recognise that applications of the scale and scope we are envisaging for the Strategic Fund will require extensive development. Seed corn funding is intended to help develop Strategic Fund applications and could be used for:

  • Convening an engagement event to support the development of a Strategic Fund proposal
  • Supporting an activity to build a consortium of expert partners to deliver a project of the scale and nature envisioned by the Strategic Fund
  • Reviewing the existing evidence base
  • Secondary analysis of existing data
  • New small-scale or pilot research

We do not expect every Strategic Fund outline application to require seed corn funding, and the award of such funding is not a prerequisite for submitting an outline application to the Strategic Fund.”

Seed corn funding is available on an ongoing basis from today. The sums available will vary depending on the nature of each request, but they anticipate awarding grants of around £5,000.  There is no limit on the number of seed corn applications but please note that there may be an internal process to manage the number of subsequent full stage proposals.

Please contact your Research Development Manager and/or Officer to discuss this opportunity further.

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