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NIHR Call, Prehabilitation: Living with and beyond cancer.

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NIHR have released a cross-programme call with a deadline of the 30 March 2021, 1pm

Prehabilitation enables people with cancer to prepare for treatment through promoting healthy behaviours and through needs based prescribing of exercise, nutrition and psychological interventions.

There are four key areas in which it is felt that research is needed most:

  1. The mechanisms by which poor nutrition, being physically unfit and stress act separately and together to impair response to treatment and outcomes, and in turn, the mechanism by which improvements through prehabilitation interventions may act.
  2. How best to identify those most at risk and the efficacy of the interventions themselves (dose intensity/effect, timing, by cancer, and by treatment).
  3. The effectiveness and implementation of interventions.
  4. Organisation of services.

Further details can be accessed via the NIHR website

If you are interested in this call, please contact the research development team.

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