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NIHR Launches Dementia Researcher Website


The website, Dementia Researcher, was developed with support from Alzheimer’s Research UK, Alzheimer’s Society and the Medical Research Council.

A major objective of the network website is to encourage emerging talent to get involved in dementia research. It will alert users to jobs and funding opportunities, enable them to discuss potential collaborations and best practice with their peers, and advise them on how to prepare grant proposals.

You can access Dementia Researcher website HERE


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NIHR Health Services and Delivery Research Programme


NiHR for Public Mental Health

The Health Services and Delivery Research (HS&DR) Programme funds research to produce rigorous and relevant evidence on the quality, accessibility and organisation of health services. This includes evaluations of how the NHS might improve delivery of services. The audience for this research is the public, patients, clinicians and managers.

Below is the link to the latest commissioned calls and specification documents:

18/09 Health services and interventions for children and young people who have experienced online-facilitated abuse, including on-line grooming

18/10 Research on interventions to improve the patient and family experience of complaints management and the decision to litigate against the NHS

18/11 Improving the participation and conduct of health services research in nursing and care homes at scale

18/12 Predicting failure of quality of care in NHS healthcare service provider organisations, and evidence for the interventions that lead to sustained improvement

Please contact your research development manager for further details and to discuss your ideas.


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COMING SOON: Stoke Association Priority programme awards – psychological consequences of stroke

Image result for stroke association jpg

*** This opportunity will be available soon. The next call is expected to open on in March 2018 with an estimated deadline in June 2018.  ***

The Stroke Association invites applications for its priority programme awards – psychological consequences of stroke. These support research into the psychological consequences of stroke. Applicants should involve people affected by stroke in the planning and development stages of their funding application.

Funding of £410,000 is available for project over three to five years.

Further information can be accessed here

Please contact the Research Development Managers for support.

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CONFAP – THE UK ACADEMIES Fellowships, Research Mobility, and Young Investigator Awards for UK researchers in Brazil


There are a number of opportunities through the Newton Fund and the academy funders.

Please see below for the link and further details.

28 February 2018 12pm GMT BRAZIL – CONFAP Fellowships, Research Mobility and Young Investigator Awards for UK Researchers in Brazil (Academy of Medical Sciences, British Academy, Royal Society)

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NIHR 2018 Mental Health Themed Call Update and Funding Opportunities

NiHR for Public Mental Health

The 2018 NIHR Mental Health Themed Call is ‘Promotion of good mental health and the prevention or treatment of mental ill health’ across the whole life course’.

NIHR are welcome proposals for clinical and applied health research that evaluate healthcare interventions, health services, social care or public health measures operating at either the individual, or the population level. Issues of particular interest include proposals that utilise new digital health technologies or investigate their effects.

The remit for this call includes conditions listed in the Health Research Classification System (HRCS) category ‘Mental Health’.  (Depression, schizophrenia, psychosis and personality disorders, addiction, suicide, anxiety, eating disorders, learning disabilities, autistic spectrum disorders and studies of normal psychology, cognitive function and behaviour).

Studies may also include individuals with co-morbidities included in HRCS category ‘Neurological’, (Dementias, transmissible spongiform encephalopathies, Parkinson’s disease, neurodegenerative diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and studies of the normal brain and nervous system) provided the main focus remains the mental health condition.


There is currently a number of opportunities across the NIHR portfolio. For more information on the calls for early next year, please visit the NIHR  website.

Please contact the relevant RDM to discuss further.

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NIHR  I4I Challenge Awards Call 8 Dates – Mental Health 

NiHR for Public Mental Health


NIHR i4i Challenge Awards

Challenge Awards are commissioned on an ad hoc basis in areas of existing or emerging healthcare need. The expected output is a disruptive technology with the potential to offer improved outcomes for NHS patients. 

Applications for these late-stage awards must be based on a working prototype or proven concept with a strong evidence base and comprise the clinical development of laboratory-validated technologies or interventions, requiring minimal preclinical development. Minor or incremental changes to technologies in current clinical use are outside the scope.

Current Challenge Award – Mental Health 2018

Mental illness inflicts a heavy toll on affected individuals, carers and society as a whole. It’s the largest single cause of disability and represents 28% of the national disease burden in the UK. Annually this leads to an estimated 70 million working days lost, costing the economy £70 billion a year (OECD 2014).

Applications are invited for the development of innovative technological solutions which can influence the patient care pathway and improve patient outcomes for mental health conditions. Download the full scope for more information about the 2018 Challenge Award, essential requirements are as for Product Development Awards plus:

  • Projects can be up to 5 years in duration
  • Applications must include one collaborator from an NHS Trust or NHS service provider.
  • Projects must include first-in-man or later stage trials.
  • We will not consider applications focused on neurodegenerative conditions including Parkinson’s, Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s.

Challenge Awards Call 8 Dates – Mental Health 

Stage 1 Stage 2 (if invited)
Competition launch 01 February 2018 (9am) 23 May 2018 (9am)
Submission deadline 04 April 2018 (1pm) 26 September 2018 (1pm)
Submission outcome May 2018 December 2018 (earliest)NiHR for Public Mental Health

Please contact your RDM to discuss proposals for NIHR funding