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Wearable and Sensor Technology and the Internet of Things for Healthcare

This Call is a part of a programme of support for research and innovation that is operated by the Central Manchester Foundation Trust’s Research and Innovation Division and that is targeted to deliver the Trust’s overall research strategy. We aim to build our capacity and capability to help shape and lead the future of healthcare and delivery, working for patients and our local economy. The call is made possible through a programme funded through the CMFT Charities Innovation Fund.

The availability of technology that can be embedded in Wearables including the use of smart materials, sensors and user interfaces (Apps) are growing rapidly. Technology advances – including miniaturisation, enhanced connectivity, improved usability, reduced cost, increased reliability and extended battery life are moving this from a technocrat domain into mainstream practice.

Wearable technology is often commonplace in other sectors such as transport, communications and education but is now beginnings to find a place in the delivery of care and helping patients to be more confident in the self-management of their own health and wellbeing. The technology is not only amenable for direct care but can be effective in supporting some of the broader aspects of our operations including estates and patient experience.

This call seeks applications from areas of clinical practice, healthcare delivery and hospital services that could be changed and improved through the use of connected Wearable and Sensor technologies. Applications will require a CMFT staff member as a lead or as a partner.

A total of £50,000 is available to support successful applications. There will be further support for continued development of proposals that demonstrate good commercial potential.

To provide information and insights into the possible uses and potential of these technologies we are arranging a workshop where experts in the field will describe some of the technologies that are available. These will be held on site in Citylabs and the date for this will be announced shortly.

An application form is now available online at URL

alternatively; a downloadable version of the form is available from Fatma Rumash email:
The closing date for applications is 5pm May 31, 2017.



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NIHR Funding Scheme Workshop: i4i Programme

The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) will be holding a workshop focused on providing assistance with applications for the Invention for Innovation (i4i) funding scheme. i4i supports translational research designed to advance healthcare technologies for increased patient benefit in areas of existing or emerging clinical need. It covers two funding streams, a research-mode Product Development Award and a commissioned / theme-based Challenge Award.

The NIHR would like to enhance the number and success rate of applications arising from Greater Manchester. Therefore MIMIT™, in collaboration with MaRMN, will be hosting the NIHR to present a workshop assisting with the application of i4i projects on:

Thursday 12th January 2017, 11:45 – 14:30

Citylabs 1.0, Conference Room 1 and 2, Nelson Street, Manchester, M13 9NQ

This event will be particularly suited to those intending to apply to this funding call, have previously applied but been unsuccessful, or those who want to know more about i4i funding streams and support available during the application process.

See attached document for details of how to register.


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Digital Health Innovation Call

TRUSTECH is currently working with NHS Salford CCG to run a call to find digital health innovations to test and evaluate in an NHS setting. With a total fund of £450,000 and individual awards of up to £125,000, this is a great opportunity for innovators with new solutions that can benefit the Salford population and the NHS.

The Digital Health Innovation Call will look to fund the testing and development of innovative digital products, services and clinical practices that aim to improve the experience and outcomes of patients in the Salford community.

Applications are invited from companies, universities, public and third sectors or the NHS.

For further information, please see NHS Salford CCG DigitalHealthInnovation

If you are interested in bidding, please contact Mike Daw (

Submission deadline: 23rd August 2016, 5pm

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Platform Design in the IoT and Big Data Analytics Era

Come and hear from MIT Professor and author of the book ‘Platform Revolution‘ Marshall Van Alstyne to discuss ”Platform Design in the IoT and Big Data Analytics Era.”

Marshall Van Alstyne will be speaking via dedicated video-conference from Boston on the 21st April, joined by a panel of senior industry experts, Angel Salazar (Manchester Metropolitan University) and Paul Lancaster (formerly at TechNorth) who will be present at Greenheys Business Centre to discuss how to build platforms and create value for users.
Intended audiences are technology startup founders and investors developing and promoting digital platform businesses.
Key questions to be addressed in the breakfast panel are:
  • How do we build a platform that invites participation and creates value for all its users?
  • What are the key architectural components that promote interaction and value creation?
  • How is platform strategy different and why to platforms always beat products?
  • How could startup founders monetise their platform models?
  • How do you monetise a platform without destroying network effects?
  • How can we devise a pricing strategy that strengthens positive network effects?
  • To which users or what side of the platform do we charge fees, and which ones do we subsidise?
  • What smart metrics can we use to keep track of platform success at the launch, growth and maturity stages?
  • What are effective strategies to compete within platform markets?
  • How can we leverage the value of IoT and data as a source of competitive advantage?
Thursday, 21 April 2016 from 08:00 to 09:30 (BST)
Greenheys Business Centre – Pencroft Way, Manchester M15 6JJ, United Kingdom

Register here:

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Connected Health Cities

The Health North Pilot is a £20m government investment to seed ‘learning health systems’ in four regions across the North of England including the Greater Manchester region.

The aim is to test at scale the methodology of learning health systems through continuous care pathway redesign and quality improvement informed by repeated analyses of routinely-collected health data.

Connected Health Cities are consulting across Greater Manchester and inviting any interested parties to submit candidate projects. Proposals should clearly state how they contribute to the learning health system by:

• Identifying demonstrated community needs
• Specifying the data sources that will be required
• Describing the intervention for care pathway redesign/quality improvement
• Defining outcome measures
• Outlining key milestones

Further information about the call be accessed here.

Project proposals should be described on no more than 3-sides of A4 using the bespoke proforma available here, and sent to by Wednesday 3rd February 2016.

Please contact if you are intending to bid.

If you have any queries about the call, please contact

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Research on Youth Employability

Birmingham Youth Partnership (BYP) are looking for an experienced researchers to co-ordinate a project on barriers to employability and collaboration. Over a period of six months, you will be required to facilitate a number of conversations with key high level stakeholders to help find ways of overcoming barriers to effective collaboration and to propose an agreed common cross agency strategy to tackle the issues of youth employment. Some desk research will also be required. We anticipate up to 20 days work to complete this project. You will need to demonstrate experience of working with a wide range of stakeholders to agree common outcomes and the ability to understand complex issues affecting modern cities.

Deadline for proposals: 18 January 2016

For more information, please contact

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Training in Research for Health Professionals

Health Education East Midlands (HEEM) and Health Education West Midlands (HEWM) are looking to engage with an education provider or education providers to deliver a programme of education to Nurses, Midwifes, Allied Health Professionals (AHPs), Health Visitors, Pharmacists, Wider Dental Team Members, Operating Department Practitioners and Clinical Psychologists to enable them to embark on a form of research activity. This will be in conjunction with their current role. The education provider will supply education and training in research to contribute to the wider Clinical Academic Careers pathway.

The main aim is to enable the health and care workforce to respond effectively to the needs of patients, carers and families.

Deadline for proposals: 11 March 2016

For more information, please contact