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Royal Society International Exchange Grants Now Open

The Royal Society International Exchange Grants are now open for applications!

These schemes are for scientists based in the UK who want to stimulate collaborations with leading scientists overseas through either a one-off visit or bilateral visits. Applications are welcome from anyone who; holds a PhD, is employed on a contract that outlasts the duration of the project, are based in the respective countries at the time of the application and fall within the Societies remit.

Standard Grant

Deadline: Thursday 12th March 2020 – 3pm

Award Amount: £3,000 – £12,000

Duration: 3 months – 2 years

Please note that only the standard grant is currently available. The cost share round is expected to open April 2020.

If you would like to apply for this opportunity please get in contact with Rachel Colley – your Research Development Officer for Science and Engineering.

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Pre-call Announcement: MRC/AHRC/ESRC Adolescence, Mental Health and the Developing Mind Initiative – Call for Research Programmes

The Medical Research Council (MRC), Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) will soon be launching a £24M call for ambitious multi and inter-disciplinary Research Programmes. This funding will come from the new cross-Council initiative in Adolescence, Mental Health and Developing Mind, which is supported through the UKRI Strategic Priorities Fund.

The call will make £24M available to fund impactful multidisciplinary research at a range of interfaces, including medicine, biology, social science, arts and humanities. Applications are also welcome which draw in non-traditional disciplines that can provide novel insights and approaches to mental health research. It is excpected that the call will fund a number of multidisciplinary research programmes for up to £4M each over a 4 year period.

The initiative will provide funding for multi- and inter-disciplinary teams with the aim to:

  • Address important and novel research questions under the broad scope of Adolescence, Mental Health, and Developing Mind.
  • Actively strengthen intersections between disciplines that do not routinely engage with each other, build capacity in the field and develop skills.
  • Embed knowledge mobilisation and strengthen patient and public involvement.

The call will involve a 3 stage process, with an invitation for outline proposals, invitation to a full stage proposal and international peer-review and interview by an expert panel.

Key Dates

Pre-call announcement January 2020
Call for Outlines opensMarch 2020
Outline deadlineJune 2020 tbc
Call for full proposals opens (invite only)August 2020 tbc
Full proposal deadline (invite only)October 2020 tbc
Start Date1 April 2021

For more information about this call, including the scope, please visit the MRC website.

If you are interested in applying to this scheme please contact the Research Development Team.

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NIHR Funding Theme: Injuries, Accidents and Urgent Emergency Care

NIHR have a number of opportunities available for funding within their theme for Injuries, accidents and urgent emergency care units. This call seeks research into the prevention, management and treatments of accidents and injuries and other conditions needing urgent and emergency care.

This include the organisation, staffing and delivery of urgent and emergency care services wherever delivered, at an incident, in the community or in primary or secondary care settings.

For more information on this theme please visit the NIHR website.

Opportunities are available for funding within the following programmes:

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Stroke Association Project Grants Now Open for Applications

The Stroke Association Project Grants are now open for applications. There are two types of project grant available:

  • Clinical Trial Project Grants: These support the early phases of trials with the intention that, if successful, they proceed to the full trial stage by a larger funder such as the MRC or NIHR.
  • Developmental Research Project Grants: Focused on areas which do not incorporate randomised controlled or other types of clinical trials. This includes study proposals in observational or epidemiological studies, basic laboratory science or early developmental/proof of concept studies.

Award Amount: up to £250,000

Duration: 3 years

Deadline: Tuesday 4th February, 5pm

For more information about these project grants and for eligibility please visit the Stroke Association website.

If you’re interested in applying then please contact your Research Development Team as soon as possible.

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Kidney Research Grants Open for Applications

The Kidney Research UK Project Grants and Innovation Grants will be opening this month for applications.

Project Grant

These are stand-alone research project that will advance our knowledge of kidney disease and refine current treatments or lead to new advances

Funding available: up to £200,000

Funding duration: up to 3 years

Deadline: March 2020

Outcome: July 2020

Innovation Grants

These are stand-alone research studies that will advance our knowledge of kidney disease particularly for new hypotheses. Initial pilot/supporting data is required prior to a full research project.

Funding available: up to £40,000

Funding Duration: up to 2 years

Deadline: March 2020

Outcome: July 2020

If you’re interested in applying for either of these opportunities then please visit the Kidney Research UK website for further details.

If you would like to apply for this opportunity then please contact your Research Development Team.

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Breast Cancer Now: Project Grants Now Open

The first round of Breast Cancer Now Project Grants are open for applications. Project grants are aimed at established researchers who have a strong track record in their field, and who want to work in one of the charities priority areas. They are also committed to supporting new investigators in breast cancer research and encourage applications from talented researchers at the start of their independent career.

Award Amount: Up to £230,000

Duration: One to Three years

Deadline: Tuesday 3rd March 2020

The aim of project grants is to support scientific excellence and innovative research into breast cancer including improvements in; prevention, detection and treatment of all forms of breast cancer, welcoming applications from all disciplines.

It is expected that the awards will enrich scientific understanding and expertise in breast cancer research with the grants committee assessing applications based on the research plan, clear relevance to breast cancer research and the perceived outcomes that will lead to significant advance in understanding breast cancer and it’s impact.

For further information about the scheme please visit the Breast Cancer Now website.

If you would like to apply for this scheme then please contact your Research Development Team.

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NERC Demand Management: Expressions of Interest

The next NERC Standard Grant deadline will be in mid-July 2020. However, due to NERC’s Demand Management system and the likely internal demand for the next round, we require all potential applicants to complete an Expression of Interest form in order to be considered.

If you are interested in applying to NERC then please contact your Research Development Manager or Officer for further details and for a copy of the EOI form.

Completed forms must be returned to your Research Development Manager no later than Friday 20th December. EOI’s will be assessed internally by members of the NERC peer review college/panels and subject specialists.

To help with planning these are the estimated deadlines for future EOI calls:

  • Monday 8th June 2020 for the mid-January 2021 NERC round
  • Monday 7th December 2020 for the mid-July 2021 NERC round