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Newton Fund: New Calls Announced – Deadline August 2019

The Newton Fund has announced a range of calls with deadlines in early August. Full details and access to call documents can be found via the Newton Fund website here.

The current range of calls include:

  • Newton Fund Institutional Links (Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, Indonesia, Mexico, Philippines, Thailand, Turkey) – to start and grow collaborations between departments and groups in the UK and partner countries, support exchange of expertise and fund research projects.
  • Newton Fund Researcher Links Workshops (Brazil, China, Jordan, Philippines) – to support coordination of workshops between UK and partner countries.
  • Newton Fund Researcher Links Travel Grants (South Africa and wider Africa) – to support early career researchers (within 10 years of PhD) in partner countries to travel to the UK.
  • Newton Fund Research Environment Links (Turkey, Vietnam) – supporting exchange of best practice and training in areas designed to build capacity in partner countries.

If you are interested in applying to any of these calls, please contact your Research Development Manager.

About the Newton Fund

The Newton Fund is a key initiative in which UK funding bodies including the UK research councils, Innovate UK, British Council and academies and learned societies have partnered with funding agencies in low and middle income countries to support science and innovation partnerships. In some cases these are thematic, addressing a specific challenge area and in others they are more general capacity building activities. In all cases, the key driver is responding to the needs of the partner country and activities need to be ODA compliant (Ed – there are some helpful pointers on the Newton Fund website here, and colleagues in the Research Development Team can help you to think about whether your project ideas fit requirements).



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Horizon 2020: Final work programmes published

As some of you may have seen, the Commission have now launched their final update to the 2018-20 work programme. This update contains details of the last calls under Horizon 2020. It will also form a bridge to the next EU framework programme for research and innovation – Horizon Europe.

A further €11bn will be made available through these calls, including support for the Commission’s political priorities in:

  • Low carbon, climate resilient future
  • Circular economy
  • Digitising and transforming European industry and services
  • Security Union

You can access work programmes through the ‘reference documents’ function on the Commission’s Funding and Tenders Portal (Ed – click on ‘Work Programmes’, ‘2018-20’ and then  ‘Main WP’ to access).

UK participation in calls for proposals

As an EU Member State, the UK remains eligible to participate in, and apply for funding from Horizon 2020 until the UK’s date of exit from the EU (currently set at 31 October 2019). After this date, the UK’s status will change and we anticipate that there may be changes to the parts of Horizon 2020 which are open to the UK.

The UK government have committed to underwrite participation in Horizon 2020 through its underwrite guarantee, and following our exit through an extension to this guarantee which will support successful projects where we are still eligible to apply.

Where to get support

If you are thinking of getting involved in Horizon 2020, or would like more information please don’t hesitate to contact us. Details of the appropriate person to contact can be found below:

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UK Prevention Research Partnership – New Funding Announced

The UK Prevention Research Partnership (UKPRP) has announced it will be launching a second call in early September for proposals for New Consortium and Network Awards.

Deadline: 14th November 2019, 4pm

Proposals in the following areas are anticipated, this is not exhaustive and they welcome proposals outside of these areas provided they compliment the current portfolio:

  • Preventing poor mental health and promoting mental wellbeing.
  • Reducing health inequalities (where this forms the primary focus of the application).
  • Social and economic determinants of health and wellbeing.
  • Food systems, unhealthy diets and obesity.
  • Developing interventions in specific ages including issues relating to ageing, and in occupational settings.
  • Fostering the use of evidence in decision making in local government.
  • Urban environment, including transport systems and air quality.
  • Using green and blue space for improving population health and preventing NCDs.
  • Using digital technologies and social media to deliver interventions, and exploiting large-scale datasets and linkage to routine datasets.

Applications which are successful at Outline Stage will receive up to £5k and have six-months to build linkages for the full applications.

Information and Networking Event

An information and networking event will be held to communicate the priorities, describe the application process and provide networking opportunities for researchers across different disciplines to explore collaboration opportunities.

Where: London

When: Tuesday 24th September

Register: Complete the attached document and send it to DEADLINE 25TH JULY.

For more details of this opportunity please visit the MRC website. If you’d like to apply then please contact your Research Development Team.

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EPSRC “Tackling global development challenges through physical sciences research” funding call

EPSRC has issued a research funding call for “Tackling global development challenges through physical sciences research”. The start point for any project funded via this call must be novel physical sciences research. That research must underpin the majority of the subsequent activities planned for completion during the project. There will be scope in this call for those subsequent activities to span into EPSRC’s wider remit (e.g. the realm of energy, engineering, healthcare technologies etc.), or beyond (e.g. into the remit of any other of the UKRI Councils or Innovate UK), in order to best serve the Official Development Assistance (ODA) aims of this call. EPSRC welcomes applications aimed at supporting an internationally leading programme of physical sciences research, to tackle the challenges faced by developing countries. Research projects should demonstrate a contribution to the global effort to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Each of the SDGs has a list of targets that may prove instructive in helping applicants to identify where they might contribute to one or more of the goals. Collaborators (academic researchers and/or direct beneficiaries) in one or more LMIC will be mandatory. Overseas Co-Investigators must be researchers based in research organisations in LMIC. Research should be undertaken with the partner country(ies) identified to ensure that it benefits the most vulnerable people in those countries and that the outcome is sustainable; the benefit does not end with the conclusion of the proposed research. 

Further details  here.

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The Dunhill Trust Research Project grants – 2019/20 Round3 will accept new outline applications from 1st July. The Trust is keen to support high quality research projects which are, perhaps, smaller than can be managed by the Research Councils or fall outside their priority themes but are important to understanding the mechanisms of ageing, treating disease and frailty and identifying and developing new and effective ways to improve the lives of older people. The Trust is also committed to funding research into treating diseases and conditions which disproportionately affect older people but are less well-funded (excluding cancer and heart disease). [Further details…] 

Deadline for outline applications is 5pm, 30 August 2019

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The Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation (EME) programme is accepting stage 1 applications for research to evaluate interventions for the avoidance, management or amelioration of adverse effects experienced in the implementation of established health and social care interventions. Adverse effects associated with all types of intervention within the NHS and social care services, including adverse drug reactions, adverse surgical events and adverse effects of medical testing procedures are included within the remit of this call.

Further details…

Deadline for applications is 1pm, 28 August 2019

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NIHR Global Health Funding Opportunities

The National Institute for Health Research have announced their Global Health Policy and Systems Research (Global HPSR) Programme. The scheme aims to support research in global health policy and systems research which is directly and primarily of benefit to people in low and middle-income countries (LMICs).

This will be driven by effective equitable partnerships between LMIC and UK researchers who together will:

  • Engage stakeholders
  • Identify and address priorities for research in health policy and health systems
  • Develop plans for capacity strengthening and knowledge sharing

A series of three complementary research funding opportunities are planned (see below) which have been informed by stakeholder engagement, including the development of a global HPSR community of interest.

Development Awards

Launch Date: Early June 2019

Duration: up to 9 months

Funding: up to £100,000

Allows researchers to develop equitable partnerships between ODA-eligible LMIC researchers and UK institutions to: identify and engage relevant stakeholders (policy makers and LMIC communities); undertake a needs-assessment and identify local priorities for research, with the aim that Development Awards will support an application for future research funding.


Launch Date: September 2019 (tbc)

Duration: up to 4 years

Funding: up to £4M

A commissioned funding opportunity, which will be aligned with the WHO campaign to promote universal health coverage towards meeting the Sustainable Development Goals.


Launch Date: September 2020 (tbc)

Duration: up to 4 years

Funding: between £2 – 4M

An open opportunity that will align with the end of the Development Awards (not restricted to Development Award holders)

For more details about these opportunities and for more detail on what is required for the applications please visit the NIHR website.

If you would like to apply for these opportunities please get in contact with your Research Development Team.