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AHRC: International funding calls


The AHRC have announced details of two international funding calls which will open over the coming month – details below courtesy of ‘Research beyond borders’.

HERA call “Public Spaces: Cultures and Integration”

The fourth HERA (Humanities in the European Research Area) call is now launched for Humanities-led proposals addressing ‘Public Spaces: Cultures and Integration’, the theme text and a partner search tool is available on the HERA website.With co-funding from the European Commission, the total call budget will be approximately €20 million. Proposals can be up to €1 Million and must include four eligible researchers from four different countries involved in the call. 24 European Countries are involved including France for the first time.

The full call is expected to launch on 24th August 2017, with a deadline on 24th October 2017. The AHRC are planning a webinar in early September.

EQUIP India/Europe pilot call on ‘sustainability, equity, wellbeing and cultural connections’

This call is the first from the EqUIP Platform involving partners from Europe and India, both the ESRC and AHRC are involved. The theme text and a partner search tool is available via the EqUIP website . The total budget for this call is approximately €5.5 Million. Each proposal will require the building of consortia of at least three research groups, one of which must be based in India and at least two must be based in different participating European Countries. Eight countries are involved, with Switzerland joining since this was announced. For the UK component, the research must be interdisciplinary across social science and humanities (this is encouraged across the whole call) and must be compliant with Overseas Development Assistance (ODA) 

The full call is expected week commencing 4th September 2017, and will close at the end of November 2017.

If you are interested in either of the opportunities above, please contact your Research Development Manager.

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Pre-call announcement: 4th HERA Joint Research Programme

The Humanities in the European Research Area (HERA) Network are pleased to announce the implementation of a new Joint Research Programme “Public Spaces: Culture and Integration in Europe” (HERA JRP PS).

The aim of the HERA JRP “Public Spaces: Culture and Integration in Europe” will be to deepen the theoretical and empirical cultural understanding of public spaces in a European context. The programme has been designed to facilitate a broad range of cultural approaches to conceptualising public space, its structural and processual formations, and its possible outcomes in terms of, for example, integration, exclusion, disintegration, fragmentation, hybridization, amalgamation or transmission.

Collaborative research projects under this topic should explore the dynamics through which public spaces shape, and are shaped, by cultural activity, and how various forms of dis/integration can be understood in relation to such spaces.

The expected publication date of the Call for Proposals for humanities-led proposals to this HERA Joint Research Programme is 24 August 2017, with the deadline for submitting Outline Proposals on 24 October 2017.

For more information, please visit the AHRC.

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HERA ‘Uses of the Past’ Update – Spain’s back in!



HERA have just announced that Spain has rejoined the ‘Uses of the Past’ call. This paves the way for you to include Spanish researchers in your proposals as long as they fulfil the national eligibility criteria.

To access updated guidelines and further information please visit the HERA website.

As ever, if you’re considering applying please do get in touch (!


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HERA ‘Uses of the Past’ now open!


Humanities in the European Research Area (HERA) has announced its much-anticipated ‘Uses of the Past’ call for proposals – full details and documentation available here.

‘Uses of the Past’ represents one of the biggest European funding opportunities available to researchers in the humanities and is already generating interest in the MMU research community.

The call which has a deadline of 9 April 2015 for outline proposals will support projects in the following areas:

1. Changing uses of (different) pasts?

How is historical knowledge created, defined and validated? What constitutes “‘misuse” of the past? What are the dynamics and consequences of competing narratives of the past?

2. Uses of the past for identity construction and institutional embedding of norms and values.

How does the use of the past construct identities at individual and collective levels? How are norms, values, institutions and behaviours formed by the conscious and unconscious uses of the past?

3. Uses of the past in media, material culture and public space.

What are the material forms of historical knowledge? How are the material forms and media of historical knowledge related to their use? What is the meaning and (economic) use of heritage? How does the past materialize in objects (e.g. art or commodities) and spaces?

4. Uses of the past: transnational/international/national and regional dimensions, including globalization.

What are the relations between European and global memories and histories? What are the relations between European and regional memories and histories? How do uses of the past have impact on the role of Europe as a (global) actor? What are the transnational or transregional dynamics of historical memory?

5. Uses of the past: impact on solving current problems, decision making and future policies.

What is the role of knowledge of the past within a “knowledge society”? Can new knowledge of the past be used for building trust and solidarity in an integrated Europe? In what ways is knowledge of the past a source for contemporary creativity and innovation? In what ways may this knowledge illuminate the nature and effects of these processes (solving current problems, decision making and future policies)?


Proposals need to be ambitious (budgets up to €1.2m), and involve teams from at least four participating countries. There is also specific emphasis on knowledge exchange and transfer, with partnerships being encouraged to consider how their proposals can include collaborations with the non-academic sector:

“In addition to the networking that takes place among academic partners and broader dissemination activities aimed at wider academic audiences, projects are also expected to develop links with stakeholders outside the academy in order to maximise the societal benefit of the research. For example, collaborations may include the creative, cultural and heritage sectors, broadcasters, museums, galleries, business, industry, the public sector, voluntary, community and charitable organisations, policy makers and practitioners (e.g. in the creative and performing arts). Collaborations should be meaningful for all partners involved and enable joint learning throughout the duration of the project and beyond. Public engagement activities may also be included, where appropriate, to promote a wide understanding of the nature and impact of “uses of the past.”

Proposals should therefore include concrete plans for collaboration and knowledge exchange, demonstrating how these activities will add significant value to the research. Active inclusion of non-academic partners from the preparation phase of the project is encouraged.”


Further information and support

The UK element of HERA is supported by the AHRC and it’s not too late to sign up for their information day – full details are available here.

If you’re thinking of applying or have any questions please do get in touch (


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HERA – ‘Uses of the Past’ Call Update and Information Day


The AHRC have just announced details of an Information Day to support the forthcoming HERA ‘Uses of the Past’ call for proposals. The call will provide up to €23m of funding for large trans-national research collaborations between researchers in the arts and humanities.

The session will take place on 4 February 2015 at King’s College London and will offer identical morning and afternoon sessions providing an overview of the call. Registration is now open here, and with demand likely to be high places are likely to disappear quickly, so we’d urge you to register as soon as possible.

The call will launch on 15 January 2015, and we’ll bring you the announcement as soon as we have it.

As ever, if you’re thinking of attending please do let us know (


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Humanities – Future funding for ‘Uses of the Past’


The AHRC have just published their delivery plan for 2015-16 (for more information see our post here) and amongst the detail is reference to the plans for HERA – the Humanities European Research Area.

HERA is a partnership of national Research Councils across Europe, which provides funding for transnational research projects through Joint Research Programmes (JRP). So far there have been two JRPs – ‘Cultural Dynamics: Inheritance and Identity  and Humanities as a Source of Creativity and Innovation’ (2010-2013) and ‘Cultural Encounters’ (2013-2016) – and the AHRC delivery plan confirms that there will be a third JRP launched which will be entitled ‘Uses of the Past’.

Funding is expected to be available from 2016, with more information set to be released by HERA in late summer/autumn.

Although the detailed priorities are yet to be published, there may be some hints about what to expect in the recent Horizon 2020 call for proposals for the Uses of the Past ERA-NET. The call flagged that ‘the following dimensions could be addressed’ :

  • uses of the Past for identity construction and institutional embedding of norms and values;
  • uses of the Past in material culture and public space;
  • uses of the Past in media and public space;
  • uses of the Past: Transnational/international/national dimensions, including globalisation;
  • uses of the Past: Impact on solving current problems, decision-making and future policies.

For more context and hints about what may be coming, we’d strongly recommend you take a look at p32 of the Europe in a changing world … work programme. As ever, we’ll let you know when more information becomes available, so keep an eye on the Blog!

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HERA – new calls expected

hera_logoSpeaking at the UKRO Conference in Edinburgh, Prof. Mark Llewellyn (AHRC) confirmed that planning is underway for a new call from Humanities in the European Research Area (HERA). The call, which will be the network’s third ‘joint research programme’, is currently under discussion and more on the timetable is expected later in the year.

Early indications suggest that the framework might be more targeted that the last call on ‘Cultural Encounters’. Although details are not yet available, it is likely that scope, scale and partnership requirements will not be substantially changed. There is also a strong indication that this won’t be the last call from HERA.

As soon as we get further information, we’ll let you know!

HERA is a partnership of 21 Humanities Research Councils and the European Science Foundation. You can find out more about HERA and previous joint research programmes here.