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Horizon 2020 – Key Deadlines


As discussions continue about priorities for 2018/20 and the next Framework programme there is still plenty to bid for in the 2017 call for proposals.

To help you navigate what’s out there, the list below gives an overview of some of the main deadlines and links to help you access the relevant work programme. In each document you’ll see a range of topics and those with a ‘2017’ or ‘2016-17’ suffix (e.g MG-1.2-2017 or MG-1-5-2016-2017) are the ones to focus on.

As ever, we’re keen to hear from you and support you with your submissions, so please do get in touch if you’re thinking of applying, need help deciding on a topic or just want to know more ( The earlier you get in touch, the more we can help!

Overview of Key Deadlines – Horizon 2020, 2017 Call for Proposals


10 January Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions – Innovative Training Networks
17 January / 29 September Future and Emerging Technologies – Open
26 January / 1 February Societal Challenge 4 – Transport
31 January/ 14 March / 11 April Societal Challenge 1 – Health
2 February Societal Challenge 6 – Society
14 February Societal Challenge 2 – Food/Agri/Marine/Bioeconomy
14 February / 7 September Societal Challenge 3 – Energy
1 March Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Tech (LEIT) – Space
7 March Societal Challenge 5 – Climate Action
5 April Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions – Research and Innovation Staff Exchange
25 April LEIT – ICT
25 April / 24 August Societal Challenge 7 – Security
30 August Science with and for Society
14 September Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions – Individual Fellowships


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Horizon 2020 – Updates from Info Days


As the 2017 calls start to gather pace, presentations from Info Days are being made available. A couple that may be of interest are:

  • Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Proposers’ Day 2016 , covering ICT-focused areas of the 2016/17 workprogramme including Internet of Things, Big Data, Digital Security and ICT for Active and Healthy Ageing. Presentations can be accessed via the event pages.
  • Climate Action (Societal Challenge 5) info day, where organisers have made both presentations and a video available.

As ever, if you’re thinking of applying for Horizon 2020 funding please do get in touch –


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Horizon 2020 – Info days and new members


As we head into the weekend, a quick update on a few Horizon 2020 developments.

Dates for the diary

There will be an info day for 2017 Calls under Societal Challenge 5 ‘Climate Action …’ in Brussels on 14 September 2016. Registration is due to open in July, and you will be able to register via the link here.

DG CONNECT are also planning to host an ICT Proposers’ Day (#ICTPropDay) from 26-27 September 2016 in Bratislava. More information will be available via IDEAL-IST here.

Georgia comes on board – Armenia to follow soon

Georgia has become the latest country to sign an Association Agreement with the European Commission. The Agreement, which is applied retrospectively from 1 January 2016, means that Georgian organisations can participate on an even footing with those in EU Member States and lead proposals in their own right.

Georgia joins Iceland, Norway, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey, Israel, Moldova, Faroe Islands, Ukraine and Tunisia as one of fourteen fully Associated Countries (Ed – Switzerland is still partially associated, with more information available here).

For more information on international cooperation within Horizon 2020, take a look at the “Open to the World” page of the Participant Portal H2020 Manual.

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Horizon 2020 – Info Day Presentations and Forthcoming Attractions


Following the publication of the 2016/17 Work Programme, the events are coming thick and fast. In this post we catch up on a few of the highlights and point you in the direction of some forthcoming attractions.

Catching up

  • Smart Cities and Communities Info Day – 6 November, Brussels

Presentations and videos from the Info Day looking at opportunities for the cross-cutting area of ‘Smart Cities & Communities’ on 6 November are now available from the event website here.

  • Societal Challenge 6 – Europe in a changing world – inclusive, innovative and reflective societies – 29-30 October, Brussels

You can access presentations and videos via the conference page here. (Ed. UKRO were in attendance – read their thoughts here (you’ll need to login to gain access)).

  • ICT 2015 ‘Innovate, Connect, Transform’ – 20-22 October, Lisbon

To take a look at the presentation on ICT research opportunities in H2020, visit the event website here.

Forthcoming attractions

  • Societal Challenge 3 – Energy Efficiency Call Info Day – 8 December, Brussels/web

Registration is now open for this event which will take place at the Albert Borschette Conference Centre in Brussels. The event will provide information about the call and provide an opportunity to network with prospective partners. Information for registration is available here and for those of you who can’t make it, the event will be web streamed.

  • Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE) workshop – 25 November, Birmingham

 UKRO will host an event for potential applicants in Birmingham, providing information about what makes a good application and incorporate a presentation from  Mr Fredrik Olsson-Hector who is head of the unit of the Research Executive Agency (REA) which manages RISE.

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Horizon 2020 – Events on future internet and electronics


A couple of dates for the diary, which may be of interest to subscribers:

6 February 2015 – Future Internet Info Day and Networking Event

The Commission will be holding a networking event on Future Internet in Brussels. The event will provide an opportunity to present ideas and network with potential project partners. Full details aren’t yet available, but as this is likely to be a popular event we’d suggest you keep a close eye on the Commission’s Future Internet pages.

18 February 2015 – Generic Micro and Nano-electronic Technologies

Those interested in topic ICT-25-2015 of the current call for proposals may want to consider the planned networking and brokerage event in Brussels. As with the Future Internet event, full details are not yet available, but should appear in the next couple of weeks on the event website here.

As ever, if you’re thinking of attending we’d love to hear from you (


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Horizon 2020: It’s official – first two projects cross the finish (or should that be starting?) line!

congratulationsAll at the Blog would like to congratulate Prof Bruce Edmonds , Director of the Centre for Policy Modelling (CPM), in the Faculty of Business and Law. He and his team will start work on two Horizon 2020 projects in the New Year. The projects will involve Bruce collaborating with a range of partners across Europe and are MMU’s first official successes of the Horizon 2020 Programme (Ed – we are in discussions on a number of other projects, but we can’t speak about these just yet!).

The first project, DiDIY, will explore the new socio-technological phenomenon of digital do it yourself (DiDIY). It will look at how access to affordable digital creation (e.g. 3D printing of unique-by-design objects or networked smart objects) and open innovation are changing the way in which society operates and the impact that this will have on work, education and research and beyond. The CPM has a key role in integrating the various ideas and evidence that comes out of this project, partly using illustrative social simulations. The project will be led by Universita Carlo Cattaneo Liuc in Italy and will involve partners in Greece, Italy, the Netherlands and UK.

The second project, SAF21, is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie European Training Network, which will help to embed social scientists of the future into EU fisheries management systems. It will train experts in analysis of human social behaviour within a variety of PhD project, looking to better understand the inter-locking complexity of self-organisation, ecology and legal structures in fisheries. It has the ultimate aim of ‘injecting’ those with social science understanding into the fisheries sector and hence to facilitate a more effective and sensitive management of them. The CPM will host two project looking at (a) the role of social norms and inter-organizational trust between fishers and regulators and (b) how visualisation techniques might be used to present the results from complex models in a public context (such as a museum). The project will be led by the Arctic University of Norway and brings together universities, museums, companies and representative organisations from the fishing sector.

Once again, many congratulations to Bruce, and fingers crossed for those of you involved in discussions with the Commission or waiting to hear the outcome of your applications!

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Horizon 2020 – Information and Networking Day on Big Data


The European Commission have announced an information and networking day on Big Data.

The event on 16 January 2015 will focus on the Horizon 2020 2015 LEIT-ICT call, and in particular topic ICT-16-2015, and will take place in Brussels. Activities supported under this area of the call  are focused on exploring scalability and responsiveness of analytics capabilities (e.g. privacy-aware machine learning, language understanding, data mining and visualisation).

The morning session will focus on describing and discussing the call and the afternoon will offer attendees the chance to participate in networking sessions to share information about their expertise and ideas.

All the information about the event including a draft agenda and a helpful technical background note (which gives an insight into the thinking behind the call) is available here, and you can register to attend here. Registration closes on 8 January 2015, but don’t delay as demand is likely to be high!

As ever, if you are thinking of attending please do let us know (