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Consultation for UK Industrial Strategy Fund: Healthy Ageing

Innovate UK, in conjunction with the Research Councils and the Knowledge Transfer Network, will conduct a series of public workshop events w/c 19th June and w/c 26th June 2017.

The series of three events will take place around Newcastle upon Tyne, Birmingham and London with a focus on Healthy Ageing. The workshops will help define themes that will build upon UK capabilities which will address and benefit from on-going demographic change both here and globally and will deliver economic growth.

Please note these two weeks in your diaries. Further information will be made available after 8th June.

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Innovate UK Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund

Following recent engagement workshops, Innovate UK has produced an update on their upcoming Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund.

The fund forms part on the Government’s £4.7 billion investment in science and innovation.

Innovate UK will focus on the following 8 research areas:

  • Bioscience and biotechnology
  • Leading edge healthcare and medicine
  • Manufacturing processes and materials of the future
  • Smart, flexible and clean energy technologies
  • Quantum technologies
  • Robotics and artificial intelligence
  • Satellites and space technologies
  • Transformative digital technologies

Further updates will be made in April, but in the meantime you can contribute your own ideas into the ongoing Government consultation.

For more details, please visit

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Sustainable Urbanisation – European Funding Opportunity



The Joint Programming Initiative Urban Europe (JPI Urban Europe) in partnership with the Belmont Forum have announced details of a new funding scheme open to a range of European and international countries. The Sustainable Urbanisation Global Initiative – Food-Water-Energy Nexus (SUGI-FWE Nexus for short) will look for multinational, interdisciplinary partnerships engaging with key stakeholders to investigate one of three areas:

  • Robust Knowledge, Indicators and  Assessments
  • Multi-level Governance and Management of the Food-Water-Energy Nexus
  • Managing Potential Strategies and Solutions to address emerging Risk and Trade-offs at the intersection of Sustainable Urbanisation and the Food-Water-Energy Nexus

The call will have two stages, with pre-proposals requested by 15 March 2017 and full proposals (by invitation) by 20 September 2017. The UK element of this call (totalling €1.7m) will be supported by Innovate UK, AHRC and ESRC and fund fundamental research, applied research and innovation and implementation activities.

You can find more information about the call here (including presentations and application forms) and the full call text here. There will also be a “matchmaking event” in Leipzig on 12 January 2017.

As ever, if you’re interested in applying do get in touch (

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Innovate UK Biomedical Catalyst

Innovate UK invite proposals for their biomedical catalyst business-led feasibility and early stage studies.

The aim of this competition is to develop innovative healthcare technologies and processes that will help provide:
• disease prevention and proactive management of health and chronic conditions
• earlier and better detection and diagnosis of disease leading to better patient outcomes
• tailored treatments that either change the underlying disease or offer potential cures

This competition has 2 awards:

• early-stage awards – to test a well-developed concept and show its effectiveness in a relevant environment
• feasibility studies – to explore and test the commercial potential of early-stage ideas

Registration closes on 7th September 2016. Applications must be submitted by 14th September 2016.

For more information, please visit

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Innovate UK Energy Catalyst

Innovate UK invite registrations for their technical feasibility early-stage awards, under the energy catalyst programme. These support projects that explore and test the technical potential of an early-stage innovative idea or concept through technical feasibility studies in the energy sector, with the aim to establish if a pre-industrial concept is ready for further technology development.

The catalyst aims to speed up the commercialisation of UK energy innovation by focusing on the following three challenges: low carbon, security of supply and affordability. Innovations may include the following:

•new technologies;

•enhancement or alternative applications of existing technologies;

•development of components, sub-systems or systems;

•integrated whole-system approaches;

•enabling technologies for the energy system.

Registration closes on 7 September 2016. The competition closes on 14 September 2016.

Please visit for more information.

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Innovate UK: Energy Catalyst Round 4

The fourth round of the Energy Catalyst is now open. The aim of the Energy Catalyst is to speed up the best of UK innovation at all development stages. It helps businesses progress their innovations to commercial readiness.

Early-Stage Award

These are fairly modest projects – £50k to £200k for 12 months – and can be led by an SME or a University (working with businesses).

Mid-Stage Award

These will fund projects – up to £1.5M for 3 years – that take innovative ideas through to the technology development stage.

Late-Stage Award

Late-stage awards prove and assess the capability and performance of innovative technologies. Projects can be costed up to £10M for 3 years.

Registration closes for the mid-stage and late-stage awards on 8 June 2016. Registration closes for the early-stage award on 7 September 2016. All 3 competitions close on 14 September 2016. This is the deadline for full applications, which includes a Je-S submission for University partners.

For more information and to register, please click HERE.

For support or any queries, please contact Research Development.

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Malaysia-UK Research and Innovation Bridges

Innovate UK

Innovate UK, Research Councils UK (RCUK) and the Malaysia Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT) are to invest up to £14.4 million in collaborative research and development projects to stimulate innovation in response to Malaysia’s urbanisation challenges.

This competition focuses on finding new commercial solutions to challenges that Malaysia is facing as climate change increasingly impacts upon its cities and its urbanisation trajectory, with the solutions expected to emerge through the translation of existing, excellent research.

The aim of the competition is to bring together companies, research and technology organisations, academics, public sector bodies and charities from Malaysia and the UK for joint industrial research to develop innovative products, processes or services that meet critical challenges existing within the following sectors:
  • health and well-being
  • improving environmental resilience and energy security
  • future cities
  • agritech (used to solve explicit urban food and nutrition issues)
  • digital, innovation and creativity
This investment from the UK side has been made possible through the UK Department of Business, Innovation and Skills-managed Newton Fund:

Projects must be collaborative, involving both UK and Malaysian participants. There must be a minimum of one UK business, one UK research organisation, one Malaysian business and one Malaysian research organisation in each project. On the UK side, projects can be business-led or research organisation-led, and should preferably involve other non-business partners. The lead partner should be able to demonstrate a clear route to commercialisation of the proposed product/s or service/s, and should have a primary focus on the translation of research and/or knowledge.

Given the heavy focus on translation of research, research organisations’ participation can be up to 50% of total project costs. Small or micro businesses could receive up to 70% of their eligible project costs, medium-sized businesses 60% and large businesses 50%. For each project the total UK and total Malaysian participant project costs to be £1m-£1.75m on each side, although we would consider projects outside of this range. Projects should last 24-34 months.

The competition involves a two-stage application process.
Applicants must register by noon UK time 30 September 2015.
The deadline for expressions of interest is at noon UK time on 7 October 2015.
The deadline for invited applications will be noon UK time on 27 January 2016.
Information about the competition can be found here.