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Discontinuation of MRC Skills Development Fellowships

The Medical Research Council have today announced that they will no longer be offering the Skills Development Fellowship to instead provide more funding for their other fellowship schemes.

The Postdoctoral Skills Development Fellowships have played an important role in providing training opportunities for early career researchers with £68m invested in 240 fellows since it’s launch in 2011. MRC feel that it is more appropriate to develop new ways to support the postdoctoral workforce given the more interdisciplinary nature of research opportunities.

MRC still offer a variety of both Clinical and Non-Clinical Fellowships, further details of which can be found on their website.

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Stroke Association Project Grants Now Open for Applications

The Stroke Association Project Grants are now open for applications. There are two types of project grant available:

  • Clinical Trial Project Grants: These support the early phases of trials with the intention that, if successful, they proceed to the full trial stage by a larger funder such as the MRC or NIHR.
  • Developmental Research Project Grants: Focused on areas which do not incorporate randomised controlled or other types of clinical trials. This includes study proposals in observational or epidemiological studies, basic laboratory science or early developmental/proof of concept studies.

Award Amount: up to £250,000

Duration: 3 years

Deadline: Tuesday 4th February, 5pm

For more information about these project grants and for eligibility please visit the Stroke Association website.

If you’re interested in applying then please contact your Research Development Team as soon as possible.

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Kidney Research Grants Open for Applications

The Kidney Research UK Project Grants and Innovation Grants will be opening this month for applications.

Project Grant

These are stand-alone research project that will advance our knowledge of kidney disease and refine current treatments or lead to new advances

Funding available: up to £200,000

Funding duration: up to 3 years

Deadline: March 2020

Outcome: July 2020

Innovation Grants

These are stand-alone research studies that will advance our knowledge of kidney disease particularly for new hypotheses. Initial pilot/supporting data is required prior to a full research project.

Funding available: up to £40,000

Funding Duration: up to 2 years

Deadline: March 2020

Outcome: July 2020

If you’re interested in applying for either of these opportunities then please visit the Kidney Research UK website for further details.

If you would like to apply for this opportunity then please contact your Research Development Team.

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Breast Cancer Now: Project Grants Now Open

The first round of Breast Cancer Now Project Grants are open for applications. Project grants are aimed at established researchers who have a strong track record in their field, and who want to work in one of the charities priority areas. They are also committed to supporting new investigators in breast cancer research and encourage applications from talented researchers at the start of their independent career.

Award Amount: Up to £230,000

Duration: One to Three years

Deadline: Tuesday 3rd March 2020

The aim of project grants is to support scientific excellence and innovative research into breast cancer including improvements in; prevention, detection and treatment of all forms of breast cancer, welcoming applications from all disciplines.

It is expected that the awards will enrich scientific understanding and expertise in breast cancer research with the grants committee assessing applications based on the research plan, clear relevance to breast cancer research and the perceived outcomes that will lead to significant advance in understanding breast cancer and it’s impact.

For further information about the scheme please visit the Breast Cancer Now website.

If you would like to apply for this scheme then please contact your Research Development Team.

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Tackling Multimorbidity at Scale: Understanding Disease Clusters, Determinants & Biological Pathways

The MRC have released a new funding opportunity on tackling multimorbidity. This area of research has been identified as an urgent priority for the UK and globally following the Academy of Medical Sciences’ (AMS) report. Multimorbidity is defined as the co-existence of two or more chronic conditions in a single individual, including mental and physical conditions and long duration infectious diseases.

The objective of this funding call is to bring together world-leading multi-disciplinary expertise in epidemiological research, mechanistic and data science to catalyse multimorbidity research nationally and at scale through supporting portfolio of Research Collaboratives. There are two different streams available:

Consolidator Grants

A pot of up to £1.5 million is available to support projects of 6 months duration with a maximum budget of £100k. Awards must be collaborative and multidisciplinary in nature and used to:

  • Consolidate partnerships and bring in experts who might not traditionally view themselves at multimorbidity researchers.
  • Perform rapid linkage and analyses of existing data including, for example, health data, population and environmental datasets.
  • Obtain preliminary data or proof of principle evidence.
  • Identify ket gaps that would be addressed at the full Research Collaborative stage.
  • Verify their approaches towards addressing those gaps.

Research Collaborative Award

Research groups with more mature collaboration links; ownership or existing access to the relevant datasets; and sufficient evidence, unerpinned by strong preliminary data, of their ability to perform multimorbidity research at scale, can apply for the Wave 1 Research collaborative awards, bypassing the consolidator stage.

These awards will provide substantial investment to support ambitious studies (where appropriate involving industrial partners). The competition seeks to support a balanced potfolio of several Research Collaboratives for 2-4 years (£3-5m each).

Deadline for both streams: 11th February 2020, 4pm

For further details please visit the MRC website.

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HPSC Grant Application Workshop Reminder

Members of the Health, Psychology and Social Care Faculty are invited to attend a Research Grant Application Workshop hosted by your Research Development Team.

The event has been designed for Academic members of staff who are eligible to apply for external research funding and plan on applying within the next 6 months – this includes Research Fellows on permanent contracts.

  • Date: Wednesday 27th November
  • Time: 12 – 4pm
  • Location: Brooks Building
  • Registration: Via Eventbrite.

To register for this free event please complete the form on the linked Eventbrite Page. You will be required to confirm your eligibility, give a brief summary of your planned research and funder and provide a question that you would like to ask our academic panel.

For further details please visit the Event Page or contact your Research Development Team.

Please note: This event is open to members of Health, Psychology and Social Care only.

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Myotubular Trust – Call for Projects

The Myotubular Trust is a registered charity that was set up to find a cure and treatments for any genetic form of centronuclear and myotubular myopathy.

The trust has launched a call for projects that will help to find a cure or treatment of any form of centronuclear and myotubular myopathy. They will be focusing on research that would generally not be funded by public or industrial funding sources.

Duration: 2 – 3 years (Project Grant), 3-4 years (Fellowship)

Deadline: Friday 15th March – 5pm

Applications are particularly encouraged investigating new technologies to research into centronuclear and myotubular myopathy; interventional trials; and those which may involve collaboration between different medical disciplines and/or different research institutions.

For further information please visit the Myotubular Trust Website.

If you would like to apply for this scheme please contact your research development team.

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Latest Opportunities from NIHR


Health Technology Assessment Programme (HTA):

19/07 Anti-TB Drug Hepatotoxicity and Treatment Reintroduction

Programme Development Grants

Competition 24

Programme Grants for Applied Research

Competition 29

Public Health Research Programme

19/01 Improving Health and Wellbeing for People who are at Risk of or Exposed to Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

19/02 Interventions that Reduce Harmful Substance Use With a Focus on Novel Psychoactive Substances

19/03 Systems Approaches to Local Influences on Food Choices and Diet

19/04 Community Focused Approaches That Mobilise People as Assets

Joint NIHR and Medical Research Council Opportunity

Global Maternal and Neonatal Health 2019 – Outlines.

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Health and Medicine PhD Studentships

We’ve put together a small document detailing the various PhD Studentships offered through UK Health and Medical charities.

Health and Medical Charity PhD Studentships

In most cases, it is stipulated that the application must be made by the supervisor on behalf of the host institution.

For advice or support on anything in this guide, or with applications, please contact Research Development.



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Grab a Grant

Take a look at these research proposal funding opportunities.

Harold Hyam Wingate Foundation

Medical research travel grants

These enable candidates to visits laboratories to gain new clinical and laboratory skills, and to set up inter-institutional collaborative research.

Jewish life and learning grants

These support projects, institutions and activities that encourage Jewish cultural, academic and educational life in a manner that enhances the Jewish contribution to the life of the wider community.

Deadline for proposals: 05 Apr 16

Pasold Research Fund Raine grants

These assist individual staff working in UK museums and other public collections and institutions, including curators and conservators, with object-based research into textile history.

Deadline for proposals: 30 Jun 16

British Society for Haematology Travel scholarships

These support UK based haematologists to present their work at international meetings.

Deadline for proposals: 31 Jul 16

Institution of Civil Engineers Research and development enabling fund

This promotes the technical development of civil engineering by encouraging research in its early stages.

Deadline for proposals: 31 Jul 16

For support during your application, please contact Research Development.